ENJOY's Semi-Permanent Color Line

Valeria Fanelli | October 17, 2012 | 10:03 AM

ENJOY's Semi-Permanent Color LineUSP Inc., the parent company of ENJOY Professional Hair Care has launched the new ENJOY Semi-Permanent Color line, a virtually odor-free, no-ammonia and no volatile alcohol formula that offers exceptionally shiny, true-to-tone color. It diffuses gray, corrects unwanted tones and creates amazing coverage that lasts.

Using new technology, this liquid crème semi-permanent color provides a quicker professional color service with advanced Micro Pigment Technology or MPT.MPT provides small, flat and round shaped color molecules that penetrate the cortex of the hair, creating color deposit.

Semi-Permanent Color relies on pure tone, allowing it to gradually fade over time without changing the end color result. Fully oxidative color molecules do not build-up or darken over time.

The gentle color deposit is guaranteed to protect the integrity of hair and leave strands smooth and moisturized. Aloe Vera works to soothe the scalp and hair while adding shine and lubricity. Soy protein, a vegetable-sourced protein, provides moisture and protection while adding shine. It also enhances hair manageability while Cysteine, an amino acid and a building block of proteins, imparts hair strength and moisture.

The ENJOY Semi-Permanent Color family offers the ideal variety of core colors for the Coloristto easily mix and expand their options for imaginative levels and tones. There are 12 core colors that enable the salon to stock a small inventory of color.

When each bottle of color is filled, it is carefully layered with nitrogen to remove oxygen and ensure color freshness, therefore preventing premature oxidation. This extra step adds to the longevity of the color shelf life. It stays fresh for up to five years when left sealed and a full year once opened.

The ENJOY Semi-Developer features an ultra low hydrogen peroxide volume for deposit-only color with enhanced penetration capabilities. Rheology Modifiers in the ENJOY SemiDeveloper react when mixed with ENJOY Semi-Permanent Color to create a luxurious liquid crème base with an easy-to-apply gel consistency. This viscosity provides a reduced drip application that can be done just as easily with a bottle or brush.

ENJOY Semi-Permanent ColorLuminous ClearGlaze can be used to soften pigment load in a formula, transitioning a service from opaque to dimensional, to translucent as desired. It can also be used alone with ENJOYSemi-Permanent Color Developer for a high-gloss, color-free shine treatment.

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