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Five Best Practices For Selecting and Training Staff

Maggie Mulhern | April 26, 2018 | 8:00 AM

Mary Brunetti (@marybrunetti) Director of Education at Sally Hershberger, NYC, and owner of Brunetti Hair & Beauty in the Hamptons, is a top educator and consultant, helping salons develop and train staff. At the most recent 2018 Intercoiffure Spring Atelier, Brunetti led a panel directed at salon owners on how-to select and then train new employees. In this short video, Brunetti expands on these five key best practices:

  1. Be nice. “We want people who care for other people because we are in a caring business.”
  2. Training on mannequin heads. “Everybody starts on a clean slate with a mannequin head.”
  3. Rotating for new staff – to not get locked in to have several mentors. “Everybody bring something different to the table.”
  4. Consistency – have an updated training manual. “Listen to the same voice through the manual.”
  5. Simplify things. “The techniques are simplistic at their core. All you need to do is get your clients from what they have to what they want.”

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