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Green Coffee Body Wrap with Sabai Stone Therapy

Kelly Cison | October 18, 2012 | 1:59 PM
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1. In a wet treatment room, cover bed with a Mylar space blanket and have client lie face down. Apply exfoliating Silky Body Scrub from shoulders to hips to help remove dead skin cells and allow better penetration of ingredients.
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2. Massage in scrub with circular motions, moving from shoulders to hips.
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3. Completely remove scrub with a hot towel from the cabbie.
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4. Apply a thin layer of Cellulite Activating Gel on areas with cellulite. This may include the back of the thighs, buttocks, hips and arms. Use hands to massage in the gel.
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5. Add a small amount of the Green Coffee Concentrate into hands and massage into areas with cellulite.
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6. Apply Green Coffee Body Mask with a brush all over the back of the body, moving from the shoulders down to hips, thighs and buttocks, and over arms and legs.
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7. Ask client to flip over. While keeping her draped, apply Green Coffee Body Mask to the front, moving from décolleté down to the abdomen.
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8. After the body mask is applied, fold the Mylar blanket over client tightly and drape with a blanket. Allow client to relax while wrapped for 20 minutes.
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9. Remove blanket and Mylar. Remove the mask with hot towels. Apply Body Svelte Cream with Chlorogenic Acid on cellulitic areas. Then, prepare for Sabai therapy by combining Mineral Massage Oil with a dropperful of an essential oil of client’s choosing.
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10. Massage lotion and oil into areas of the skin that will be receiving the Sabai stone therapy. This may include back, legs, hands, feet or neck.
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11. Using warmed half moon stones, press along vertebrae from shoulders to hips. The shape allows precise control on difficult-to-reach areas.
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12. Based on client’s preference, have her flip over for stone therapy with the warmed large oval stones on the abdomen. Gently press stones for deep relaxation.
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13. Using the warmed roller stones, glide lightly or deeply along legs. These stones may also be used on pressure points to ease stress and tension.
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A slimming and detoxifying treatment that refreshes the body and spirit at a seaside retreat.

 Green Coffee Body Wrap with Sabai Stone Therapy

At the Club at Hammock Beach, an upscale resort and private year-round residence for club members, paradise is not just a fantasy—it’s a way of life. Situated on 2.4 miles of pristine beach, the community boasts an oceanside golf course, fabulous restaurants, three pools and a fitness center. After all the fun in the sun (it’s 80 degrees almost year-round), guests and members alike make good use of the full-service spa, which features 10 treatment rooms stocked with high-end Pevonia Botanica products. With firming body wraps, toning facials and soothing massages on the service menu, The Spa at the Club at Hammock Beach is a non-negotiable luxury for sunbathers and sports lovers alike.

The Green Coffee Body Wrap with Sabai Stone Therapy, a 90-minute treatment recently introduced at the spa, gives guests double the benefits—first, the Green Coffee Body Mask detoxifies and smoothes skin while tightening and toning, then the Sabai stones are used at specific points in the body to eliminate tension and promote well-being. Says Pevonia Regional Director Dawn McLellan, “The treatment also detoxifies the body and reduces fluid retention, which makes it the perfect anti-cellulitic treatment.”

The Sabai stones are essential for the therapy portion, since they are non-porous black granite, ergonomically designed, and easily retain their temperature. They can be heated in either a microwave or a stone warmer. Explains Mclellan, “The Sabai stones are contoured to create different shapes that work on certain areas of the body to create unique sensations.” The service is suitable for anyone looking to rejuvenate her body, she adds, especially those going through a weight loss or fitness program or wishing to detox her system. When the service is complete, guests will feel thoroughly relaxed, refreshed and ready to bare some skin in a bathing suit poolside or at the beach.

Scents Essential

Before beginning the Sabai stone therapy, Mineral Massage Oil and an essential oil of the client’s choosing are massaged into the skin. Pevonia offers three different oils—Lavender, Neroli and Rosemary. Lavender is appropriate for a client who desires healing, calming and decongesting. Neroli, extracted from orange blossoms, is effective in counteracting insomnia and easing
tension and depression. Rosemary will replenish dry skin and alleviate eczema and seborrhea, making it suitable for older clients or those with problem skin. With a professional recommendation, any client can find the right aromatherapy for her.


Green Coffee Body Wrap with Sabai Stone TherapyTherapist: Tiffany Griffis
Spa: The Spa at the Club at Hammock Beach, Palm Coast, Florida
Products: Pevonia
Snapshot: A whole-body wellness treatment that reduces cellulite, relieves tension, smoothes skin and increases the elimination of toxins while also providing a therapeutic massage.
Contraindications: Heart conditions, pregnancy, epilepsy.
Duration: 90 minutes
Price: $140/treatment. A series of six treatments are recommended.

Recommended Home Care:

In the morning: Apply Body Svelte Gel to areas of cellulite.

At night: Apply Body Svelte Cream before bed.

Whole Body Wellness

 Green Coffee Body Wrap with Sabai Stone Therapy

Sabai therapy is a perfect complement to a body wrap, but you don’t need to book a full-body service to offer your clients its benefits. Sabai can be incorporated into a facial, used in hot stone massage, added to spa manicures and pedicures (for either massage or reflexology) and as part of a spa scalp treatment—or even as a stand-alone service, says Pevonia Regional Director Dawn McLellan. “Sabai,” a Thai expression for well-being, is hygienic and easy to use, making its functionality in the treatment room virtually endless. An instructional DVD is included with the purchase of the Sabai Stone Spa Therapy Complete System. Visit for more information.


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