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Anne Moratto | June 4, 2018 | 11:40 AM
Frankie prepares her model for a photo shoot.
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The Sport Clips Artistic Team members are a diverse group of women stylists who specialize in men’s grooming and who share their passion for the craft as Area Coaches, visiting locations around the country, to pass on their knowledge and their enthusiasm for the Sport Clips organization and what it has done to give them a life and career they love. They are on-set at photo shoots, traveling to industry events to represent, and building their skills—haircutting, styling, business, presentation, and even social media—because they have become stars on the Sport Clips team of stylists. 

Here we profile Frankie Delgado @Frankie_d_fadez, a Technical Coach for Southern California.

 Tell us something about yourself: I am a wife, mother, sister and friend. I enjoy spending time with my family.

  Why working for Sport Clips is a win for you: Sport clips has given me many opportunities to grow not only in my career but helped me grow and mature as an individual. I belong to a big family that cares and lives our values every single day.

 Why did you decide to focus on men’s hair? I have always cut my own hair and brother’s hair since my teenage years. As soon as a picked up a pair of clippers I knew I had a special gift to make people feel good. Men are loyal clients and I enjoy getting to know them and building a relationship with them. We come across many different people and to see their smile on their face after looking in the mirror is priceless.

 What is special about a male client? Loyal, caring, and trusting

 What styles are big in your area? Gentlemen’s cuts with hard parts, Madmen looks, the 1920s prohibition look, down by the beach surfer shag, and shoulder length hair. Beards have been very popular as well.

 Shout-out to any early or current mentors in the industry: I would like to send a shout out to Julie Vargas, Julian Perlingiero, Fern The Barber, Freddy Razo the barber, Lici the Barber, Jacob Rodriguez, and Juliet Perez my wife who has been in the industry for 15 years.  I have looked up to every single one of them and now I am blessed to be working beside some of the best in the industry. I am extremely blessed and so grateful for each and every one of them. Thank you for setting those standards!

 What would you stay to a cosmetologist who wants to improve their guy-cutting skills? I would say be open to learning and never close you mind off! When you limit your skills, you limit your money. Have passion and pride for your work, grind every day and never give up.

 All-time favorite professional products and tools: I am big fan of anything Paul Mitchell but to be specific anything in the Mitch or Tea Tree Line. Style Sexy has an amazing line of products for men’s hair.

I love my Wahl Magic Clips and Wahl Super Shaver. When it comes to trimmers my choice is Andis Blackout Edition T liners and I love my cordless Andis Pro Li trimmers.

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