Why You Should Say "Eye Do"

Lauren Salapatek | June 7, 2018 | 8:33 AM
NovaLash, lashes by Raylene Cravens
Photo By  John Dewberry Photo 1 of 4
NovaLash, lashes by Raylene Cravens
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NovaLash, lashes by Raylene Cravens
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NovaLash, lashes by Raylene Cravens
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Lashing for a bride is one of the most important client bookings. You’re providing her with a look for one of the most special days of her life, captured by photos, videos, and memories for a lifetime. Ensure a full consultation has been conducted covering expectations and desired outcome plus a lash patch test before application.

Here's why adding lash extensions to her final look will make her day (and her honeymoon!)

She will roll out of bed gorgeous.  When it's your client's big day the less stress the better. From guests arriving late, to the caterers bringing the wrong menu items, at least her lashes will look great! Eyelash extensions transform a face from looking tired to awake and glowing.

It’s their wedding and she can cry if she wants to. Less makeup is required when you have eyelash extensions, so she doesn't have to worry about shedding a tear at the alter because there's no need to wear eyeliner or mascara. Plus, with NovaLash’s Platinum Bond adhesive, she can rest assured that her extensions are oil-proof and instantly waterproof.

Smile for the camera. Every bride not only wants to feel her best on her big day, but also look her best. Professional lash extensions appear more natural in photographs than strips. Even the most invisible strip lashes can leave a harsh and blunt band over the natural lash line. With eyelash extensions, you will not see where the lash extension meets the natural lash. 

Honeymoon ready. If your eyes are the “windows to your soul” then beautiful lash extensions are the curtains to your eyes! No matter where she sets off to, her eyes will be the highlight of her trip. Honeymoon photos look better with lashes and she will feel better with them too! Lashes will allow her to apply lighter makeup in hot and summer climates while opting for a more natural look.

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