Adding the "Wow" Factor to Wedding Lashes

Lauren Salapatek | June 7, 2018 | 11:49 AM
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Looking to add a "wow" factor to your client's wedding lashes? Follow these recommendations offered by NovaLash.

TIP 1: Use a C or D curl – which will open up the eye.

TIP 2: Choose a diameter that will complement the natural lashes thickness and when choosing length, remember to never apply an extension that is longer than 50% the natural lashes length for a natural and short look - shorter lashes can still have a transformative effect.

TIP 3: Create a fuller, darker effect by using plenty of shorter extensions.

TIP 4: Don’t make an “eye-don’t” and use very long, thick extensions. These will be uncomfortable for the bride to be and provide an unnatural look to her already pretty natural beauty.

TIP 5: To finish off the look for the occasion, conservatively add some Candied Lashes. Perhaps, 3 or 4 to the outer 30% of the lashes for flare and to add a special twinkle to her eye.

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