HOW-TO: Beautiful Customized Brows in Minutes

June 18, 2018 | 9:40 AM
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When it comes to crafting today’s perfect brow, there's a reason why so many people leave it to the pros. With a few simple steps, estheticians can help their clients achieve full, flawless brows that complement every face shape. 

Follow these steps from Satin Smooth to help you create beautiful brow looks on all your clients.

  1. After cleansing the skin, decide how much hair to remove by measuring the brow. Align a petite applicator from inner section of the eye down to where the nostril crease begins. Using a petite applicator, brush eyebrows upward while examining eyebrow shape by using end of the corner closest to nose as Point A. Point B is the highest part of the brow and Point C determines end of brow. TIP: It’s best to remove less hair than more. You can always tweeze a few hairs to even-out the service. 
  2. Begin waxing by using a petite or contour applicator and dipping the tip of the applicator into the wax. Ask your client to close their eyes, and then you can apply wax in the direction of the hair growth starting from Point A, following through to Point B, then to Point C. This should be done with one application.TIP: The thicker the hair, the more wax you will need to apply. The thinner the hair, the less wax you will need to apply.
  3. Apply strip to area, covering Area A through to C. Apply firm pressure with index finger. Do not rub cloth.
  4. To remove strip, place middle finger on A and thumb on C. Using other hand, grab cloth at C, and remove cloth in one pull motion in opposite direction across the forehead, ending down into shampoo bowl. Remember when removing the strip to keep your hand close to  the skin; do not pull up or twist wrist.
  5. After removing strip, apply pressure with the index finger to calm the area.
  6. Remove any excess wax by blotting with folded cloth, using pull/punch motion.  
  7. Repeat steps 2 through 6 on the other eyebrow.
  8. Apply wax between eyebrows in the direction of hair growth. Remove in the opposite direction, aiming for the chest.
  9. Waxing the upper brow area:
    1. Using a petite applicator or contoured applicator, apply wax in the direction of hair growth; beginning at point A above the brow, following through to B and then to C as close as possible without crossing the brow hair line.
    2. Applying a contoured strip over the brow to cover the area, press the strip into the wax and hair, do not rub.
    3. Grabbing the tab or end of the strip, using a pull punch motion to remove the strip with one motion.
    4. Repeat over the other brow.
  10. Using a lint free cotton cloth, apply a small amount of Satin Release or Satin Azulene Oil to remove any wax residue. Wipe dry.
  11. Apply Satin Cool to cool, refresh, soothe and moisturize newly waxed skin, and then apply Satin Hydrate to hydrate the skin.
  12. Trim where necessary and give the client a hand mirror to view their new look! Remind them to return in 2-3 weeks for maintenance.

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