How-To: 3 Blowouts That Take Your Work Far Beyond Basic

June 26, 2018 | 12:58 PM

Is there more to finishing than the standard round brush blowout? One hundred percent yes! You can create a wide variety of effects with your blowout skills—no irons required. According to the pros at WetBrush, it often comes down to brush selection—and to having plenty of hairbrush options. Need ideas? Here’s how to create a voluminous blowout as major as the state of Texas; a sleek and chic blowout inspired by the latest catwalk trends and a glamorous Hollywood style that’s red carpet-ready!

Bombshell Blowouts

Step 1: Apply Time Release Detangler mid-shaft to ends and brush through using the Paddle Detangler brush.

Step 2: Use the Flex Dry Paddle brush and a wrap dry technique to remove excess moisture from the hair.

Step 3: Working from nape to crown use the Tension Shine Blowout brush to curl each section on-base. Allow each section to curl slightly, then remove the brush while twisting the hair to release the curl.

Step 4: Run your fingers through the hair to create loose, tousled curls.

Sleek Chic


Step 1: Brush through wet hair with the EPIC Professional Deluxe Detangler brush.

Step 2: Remove excess moisture with the Epic Professional Quick Dry brush, using a wrap dry technique.

Step 3: Beginning at the nape and working to the top of the head, use the EPIC Professional Helix Graphite brush to complete the blow dry. Work section by section with substantial tension and avoid creating volume at the base. 

Step 4: Create a Mohawk section from temples to crown and clip away. Secure the temple areas below the Mohawk section with bobby pins.

Step 5: Release the Mohawk section, use the EPIC Professional Deluxe Detangler brush to lightly backcomb the hair, then direct the section back to conceal the pins.

Old Hollywood Glam

Step 1: Apply Time Release Detangler mid-shaft to ends and brush the hair with the Original Detangler brush.

Step 2: Using a wrap dry technique and over-direction, remove excess moisture with the Flex Dry brush.

Step 3: Create a deep side part. Using the Tourmaline Blowout brush, work up from the temples to the parting, over-directing the hair and pinning each curl on-base.

Step 4: Set the remainder of the hair from nape to crown on-base.

Step 5: Allow the hair to set and cool for 30 minutes.

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