Cool Kids: 9 Hairstyles from Instagram Perfect for Children

Mary Kaleta | July 11, 2018 | 10:16 AM
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Ring-around-the-rosy, and you’ll get a style as beautiful as this one from @3littlegirls_hair. We love how this look merges a grown-up updo with the playfulness of a princess.
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A teddy really is a kid’s best friend, and this adorable style from @braids_in_action is stunningly intricate while still allowing enough flexibility for whatever journey Teddy has planned.
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How cute is this? The swooping style from @waficsaab clearly made his client very happy. We bet he’ll be rocking his new ‘do at preschool with confidence.
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Innovative kids’ styles are sometimes about spreading your wings with cute accessories. We love these butterfly clips @jules4_pj used for this girly style.
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A fade is a great way to allow kids to be expressivewith their hair and have fun. In this designfrom @kingoffades416, the cross and lines areclear and complement the platinum hair.
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We think @little_princess_hairstyle did an awesome job with this beautiful braid and bow combo using the model’s hair and some rhinestones for added pop.
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The use of colored bands has been graduated to a new level of chic, thanks to @noemi.espinosa.29. The numerous braids work well together with the punch of color.
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Sometimes being a hairdresser means working on some extra special clients: your own kids! This amazing volumized barber style from @vin_original is on his 3-year-old son.
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Just like a 24 pack of crayons, the option to explore temporary color or a pink extension (like @curious_strands used here) will delight your kiddo clientele with endless color possibilities.
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The salon is your playground for creative kid styles. As Instagram continues to burst with stunning styles, pages for artists creating intricate kids’ cuts are also having time in the spotlight. From braids and ponies to butterfly clips and buzz cuts, the creative possibility with cuts and styles for children seems to be more extensive than for those of their grown-up counterparts. Remember to #modernsalon so we can add your styles to our list of faves.

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