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2018 MODERN SALON 100: Peka Grayson @impekablenails

Maggie Mulhern | August 2, 2018 | 10:00 AM
Peka Grayson
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A viral post from Peka Grayson
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Peka Grayson (@impekablenails) is a Seattle, Washington based manicurist known for using the nail to share her art. Some have called her work "masterpieces" on the tips of the fingers. Most of her nail work is powerful, decorated, bejeweled, long and beautifully shaped - and always has a WOW factor.

Peka Grayson


Impekable Nails, West Seattle, Washington

Specialty: From gel manicured natural nails, to crystal clear or encapsulated extra- long acrylic extensions with custom hand painted photorealism portraits or designer bling.

Followers: 37K

Most viral post: My most viral post would definitely be my custom hand painted “Cardi B – Bodak Yellow – Bling’d Out” set. it was a portrait of Cardi B sticking her tongue out on the middle finger on an encapsulated canary yellow Mylar sculpted stiletto set.

Favorite apps: Boomerang: they’re so much fun if done correctly. Font Candy: my most frequently used app. Without this I wouldn’t be able to watermark my photos. KiraKira: I don’t use filters or photoshop, but this app adds the perfect amount or an “over the top” sparkle to pictures and videos.

Favorite hashtags: #ImpekableNails #Love #Art

I follow: @badgalriri @beyonce @erykahbadu @riconasty @Leximartone

Pro tips: I personally love natural poses and in natural settings. I like to find the perfect amount of shade and light with a solid or natural textured back ground.

Hidden talent (beauty-related): I am a dual licensed Cosmetologist-Manicurist. I started as a beauty professional as a Cosmetologist and it was fun doing hair, but it didn’t fulfill me. I remember at a point in school when I had all my requirements done I told the front desk no more appointments. I’ll be in the break room polishing nails.

Hidden talent: My heart belongs to art in all forms. I love photorealism, and self-expressive pieces. I enjoy drawing, and painting on all types of canvases. I can do custom designed shoes, crystalizing accessories, and so much more.

How social media changed my life: Being able to show my work and share my energy with the world continues to elevate my life and business in so many ways. I have been given many opportunities by sharing what I love to do, and being able to connect and network with other professionals and those who support Impekable Nails. I have inspired many not only to do nails but to do what they love with an unapologetic certainty.

The first time I was featured on MODERN’s Insta: My most recent feature in Modern Salon was another viral set. It was my custom neon green, glow in the dark, encapsulated real snake skin tipped, sculpted sharp stilettos. They didn’t have to be in the dark to glow so they would glow everywhere.

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