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2018 MODERN SALON 100: Ashlee Allen @aaashleee

Maggie Mulhern | August 2, 2018 | 10:00 AM
Ashlee Allen
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A viral look by Ashlee Allen
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Ashlee Allen, a balayage specialist from ASH Hair Studio, Ferndale, Michigan, has a gorgeous Instagram page, @aaashleee, with more than 2000 posts of beautifully hair painted finishes. Ranging from deep brown to ash blonde, with a few fashion shades thrown in, the page Allen marks her as a key talent and true "Game Changer."

Ashlee Allen


ASH Hair Studio, Ferndale, Michigan

Specialty: Balayage, Balayage with fashion color, high contrast balayage.

Followers: 45.6K

Most viral post: From November 2, 2017. I called it Dark Roast Balayage, I darkened a previously blonde client to a level 2 at the base and left pops of blonde, focusing more on the sections around the face and a few in the back. KI always get the most love on my posts when I’m featuring a really contrasted blonde or brunette.

Favorite apps: Phonto - for Watermarking, VSCO - great app to edit personal pictures for stories, InstaVideo - to edit together videos clips

Favorite hashtags: #balayage #mermaidhair #livedinhair

I follow: This is so hard! @anhcotran @gina.devine @chrisweberhair @presleypoe @paintedhair @svglamour

Pro tips: My goal for every photo I post is to make it look as much like a piece of art as possible. For me I want my pictures to look like paintings and not like hair. I think my biggest tip would be to always change up your angle and to look at the hair from more of an artistic point of view and less like it’s a picture of hair.

Hidden talent (beauty-related): I love updos. Even though I love coloring hair, doing updos and up styling for brides and bridal parties is my absolute favorite thing to do.

Hidden talent: Hula hooping

How social media changed my life: Within a few months of being on my own I was booked 12+ weeks solid and everyone who was calling me was telling me how they found me on Instagram. Having a portfolio out there is so beneficial because it’s the best way to showcase your work and your style. In addition to that I love Instagram for how much it helped me network with other artists. Because of Instagram, I have been able to make a ton of connections with other stylists from all over. I have made friends with people in this industry in many different states that I would never have known otherwise. Lastly, the amount of education out there is amazing. I have learned more sitting on my couch and scrolling though Instagram watching educational videos and reading formulas than I do in most classes. I’m very grateful to anyone who puts education out there and I try to do the same thing myself.

The first time I was featured on MODERN’s Insta: I actually can’t remember what my first photo Modern Salon featured was but I can guarantee that I still feel the same thing whenever I’m featured. Every time I’m featured it completely makes my day! I get so excited and it makes me feel very proud of myself and my work.

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