New Shears: MODERN Facebook Fans Share Their Favorites

Alison Alhamed | October 23, 2012 | 12:31 PM
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Probably the most important tool for any hairdresser is their shears. With such a wide variety—and a sometimes hefty investment—which shears are a cut above the rest?

Beauty pros agree that shears are a critical investment— and a costly investment they are! The price of shears can run from about $20 up to several hundred dollars. And while you may decide to shell out for a premium pair down the road, you can start your career with a less expensive model while you save your pennies.

What makes shears so valuable? Typically made from regular stainless steel, Japanese stainless steel or steel alloy, the best shears are forged—meaning each blade is shaped from one piece of metal for strength and durability.

Some shears may be made entirely by hand and go through several steps in the finishing process, which drives up the cost. Craftsmanship is particularly important in the edge of the shear. A convex edge will give you a nice clean cut, say experts, and it will let you easily perform techniques such as slide cutting or channel cutting, with optimal results.

CLICK HERE for more on how to choose the best tools for you.


MODERN Facebook fan Patty Padilla recently asked our fans for advice on choosing the best shears.

"I am planning to purchase a new pair very soon and would like to know what everyone's favorites are and why."

Here's what you had to say:


So what shears do you use? Why are they your favorites? Tell us on our Facebook wall,

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