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2018 MODERN SALON 100: Kelli Gasaway @Kelzbeauty

August 2, 2018 | 10:00 AM
Kelli Gasaway, @Kelzbeauty
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Kelli Gasaway, @Kelzbeauty
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Kelli Gasaway's Instagram is filled with edgy cuts with just the right amount of soft and pretty colors and styles, too. From bright purples to honey blondes, Gasaway's talent seems to span a wide variety of client requests, and we think her versatility will take her far!

Kelli Gasaway 


Kelz Beauty & Barber Shop,Portland, Oregon

Specialty: Clipper Designs, Fashion Colors & Men's Hairstyling

Followers: 1,529

Most viral post: An undercut design of a lotus flower!

Favorite apps: My go-to app is called Photo Editor. It works like Photoshop and is great for adjusting lighting.

Favorite hashtags: #modersalon #licensedtocreate

I follow: @georgiykot @alexandralee1016 @philipwolfhair @jbraidsandbows @wellahair

Pro tips: There are so many things to take into account to get great results on a post! I think focus and lighting are key. Most newer cell phones have professional quality features that can help with this. Learn your cameras features and use them, it makes a world of difference! Also, everyone should use a ring light. Even in the most poorly lit settings, a ring light will help bring your work to life!

Hidden talent (beauty-related): Braids!

Hidden talent: I love figuring things out. Just about anything, really. For example, I just installed new counters in my dispensary area. I trimmed the countertops, installed a new faucet and hooked up all new pipes for the sink.

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