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2018 MODERN SALON 100: Emily Buffi @buffithehairslayer

Jamie Newman | August 2, 2018 | 10:00 AM
Clean, current styles with a vintage vibe. Better yet, go check out Artist Collective member Emily Buffi's (@buffithehairslayer) page to see it for yourself.
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Clean, current styles with a vintage vibe. Better yet, go check out Artist Collective member Emily Buffi's (@buffithehairslayer) page to see it for yourself. 

Salon: I am a full time Freelance Hairstylist based out of Providence, Rhode Island.

Specialty: Hairstyling, updos, braids

Followers: 5,118

Most viral post: I would have to say my 4th of July updo with lit sparklers has by far made the most impact. Why it went viral? Who wouldn't want to see sparklers going off in a hairstyle? 

Favorite apps: VSCO; HUJI + RAD VHS for my Insta story photos and videos.

Favorite hashtags: #thankyouuniverse #crueltyfreeonly #90severything

Following: @heatherchapmanhair @alexandralee1016 @updoguru 

Pro tips: Consistency is KEY. I take notice to other Instagram accounts that have a consistent vibe so I try to do the same. I chose to keep the focus just about hair styling so I only post mannequin pictures on my actual page. I try to always use natural light and similar editing techniques in each picture. Although my stories are different they all have the same details, i.e. font, editing style or a 90s-related GIF of course. I believe everyone's vibe should grow and evolve but as long as it remains consistent you will succeed. 

Hidden talent (beauty-related): I have become efficient at drawing on eyebrows and quickly. I have very little, blonde eyebrows. I I am also a victim of the classic 90's thin desired brow look. I haven't tweezed them since 2004 and I have been filling them in ever since. They were a trainwreck when I first started but now I have it down pat or at least I think I do.

Hidden talent: As a hobby I play with nature photography where I post monthly blogs ( but if that isn't fun enough, I can also tie shoes with my toes. 

How social media changed your life: It's made me fall in love with what I do. It keeps me motivated + practicing daily. It's introduced me to a whole community of talented and inspiring people. It's pushed me to network with some of the biggest companies in the industry I would have otherwise only dreamed about connecting with in the past. Six months ago, I started my Instagram account with one bridal contract and now opportunities seem to happen more and more. I am so grateful!

The first time I was featured on MODERN SALON’s Insta: I still think about it! It was before bridal season had begun, so I was at my winter office temp job. It was close to the end of the shift and everyone was extremely busy. I saw a notification pop up on my phone. All I saw was "MODERN SALON has tagged you...." and I bursted with happiness! I slammed my hands on the desk and everyone stopped. I announced "I FINALLY MADE IT!!!". Since I was working with non-beauty industry employees, they looked at me like I had nine heads but I couldn't stop smiling, I knew I was on the right track!

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