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2018 MODERN SALON 100: Karla Varley @karlavarleyhairartist

Mary Kaleta | August 2, 2018 | 10:00 AM
Karla Varley, @karlavarleyhairartist
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Karla Varley, @karlavarleyhairartist
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If we had to describe the work of Karla Varley in two words, it would be simply sweet. From bright, dimensional reds to shiny blondes, Varley's color skills create an aesthetic of effortless perfection on her page. We love how Varley is able to emphasize her clients' colors further with intricate hair designs including stunning braids, waves, twists and updos.

Karla Varley


Volume One Salon, Pensacola, Florida

Specialty: Color transformations, upstyling/wedding hair, easy/lived-in hair.

Followers: 2,119

Most viral post: One of my most viral post is a dimensional red balayage color with in a seen half up half down bun. I feel like the combination of unique color and effortless style helped it get more reposts and views.

Favorite apps: Photoshop Fix: This is my go to editing tool for posts. You never want to over edit, but to erase the hair across your models forehead, get the weird mark off the wall or to brighten your whites, this is the app you need. Preview, the app: This app is very helpful to get the right layout for your images. It’s always good to keep your page in a pattern or to have the flow of images complement each other. Lightroom CC: This app is great for getting the right tonal quality and great filters without over doing it.

Favorite hashtags: #lovekevinmurphy #bioionic #modernsalon

I follow: @ChristinaKreitel @riawna @hairby_chrissy @lizhaven

Pro tips: Make sure your style is trendy, smooth and clean even on textured looks. This helps get a sharper image and makes the look more intriguing and professional. Also a great style can make even a not so great color look good. Lighting is everything. The best situation is outside in sunny /not gross weather under the shade. This help see the look clearly in naturally lighting. The little things make a huge difference. Check to make sure that the background is nice, complements the hair and not too busy. Also make sure things like the necklaces are straighten, flyaways are tamed, and bra straps where they need to be.

Hidden talent (beauty-related): I can do a mean fade.

Hidden talent: I love finding old/antique furniture and putting a modern take on it with sanding, staining, and painting to make it something new.

How social media changed my life: Social Media has change much more than just my life but this industry. The way promote myself, how I have built a large clientele, networking and learning. It’s absolutely crazy what you can learn from Instagram.

Tell us about the first time you were featured on MODERN SALON’s Insta: I do remember the first time! It was a few years ago, in the first few months of my current salon. The salon owner, Hurst and I collaborated on a look. He did the cut, I did the color and our media guy shot it. It was my first big breath of fresh air and desire to strive for more footing in social media as a team for Volume One Salon. The look was a blunt, textured out sleek bob with dimensional bright blonde with dark makeup, very vampirish vibe. The look came out in the beginning of blunt-texture craze.

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