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2018 MODERN SALON 100: Shayla Robertson @samirasjewelry

Mary Kaleta | August 2, 2018 | 10:00 AM
Shayla Robertson, @samirasjewelry
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Shayla Robertson, @samirasjewelry
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To say that Shayla Robertson creates remarkable styles would be an understatement. To say that MODERN editors are awed every time she posts, would be as well. From tiny, intricate details to large, hair designs, Roberston designs the perfect balance of breathtaking elements that come together to form true works of art. Robertson has been a part of MODERN's contests and has impressed judges, as well. 

Shayla Robertson


Samiras Jewelry, Naples, Florida

Specialty: Braids, updos and makeup

Followers: 25.1k

Most viral post: March 30th. It’s captioned as “spring vibes. “ It’s triple Floral half up and half down do. Everyone loved the flowers and a stem I made out of hair as well. Jewelry from pink pewter really accented the style. It was fresh and bright looking hairstyle. It got reposted so many times and still every day I see someone’s repost of that hairstyle. So I posted a tutorial of that hairdo, and it’s the most viewed video of mine so far.

Favorite apps: Facetune. It’s perfect to blur specific spots on the picture. For example, if there is a stain at the background or you need to smooth models face a little and so on. Another one is Photo Grid. It’s nice to add my IG handle to it, adding light filters if needed. It’s easy to make a collage, as well.

Favorite hashtags: #modernsalon

I follow: @GeorgiyKot @ShafaqNovruz @Jenatkinhair @Lalasupdos @HeatherChapmanhair

Pro tips: First tip is to post a quality photo. I always get asked on what camera I use for my photos. I use my iPhone X and try to take a pic of daylight, natural light. Try to take picture of the hairstyle in natural light, and not where sun directly hits. It needs to be shaded side. Captions also play a great role. I am obsessed with quotes. I try to find a quote that is relevant to my post most of the time. Hashtags are very important. Hashtags must be relevant to the photo for sure. For example: when I post my clients / bridal pictures whether it’s make up or hair. I hashtag local areas such as cities near me to help me to find more business. But when I do fun hairstyles with my models I hashtag famous hair pages such as #modernsalon, pages that have people who is interested into some fun hairdos.

Hidden talent: I am a great baker and cook at home.

How social media changed my life: I had IG for almost three years now. I was at 4-5 k until this past December my Instagram started blooming. I got reposted by @modernsalon, @samvilla and many more hair accounts. It’s amazing feeling to see your work being reposted. It keeps you going. I gained many followers and supporters around the world. I became more confident at my work and started trying even harder. I still do. Every day I think of new ideas. I draw hairstyles, play with my mannequin head and take a pic to see if it’s worth first. Then if I like it I call my models to try it on them. I really love hair; I am so happy I found my passion.

The first time I was featured on MODERN’s Insta: The first time I got reposted by MODERN SALON is on January 7th. It was my 7 strand infinity braided ponytail. It was my 11-year-old daughter’s hair. I was at my kiosk doing some cleaning. I saw notification on my phone saying MODERN SALON mentioned you. I opened it, and I could not believe my eyes I made it to the MODERN SALON page. Wow, I cried and called my husband to tell him about it. He was so happy for me. I told my daughter after she came from school; we started jumping. She said “yes mama, let’s keep doing it!”

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