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2018 MODERN SALON 100: David Anders Palmira @cutyourhair

Mary Kaleta | August 2, 2018 | 10:00 AM
David Anders Palmira, @cutyourhair
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David Anders Palmira, @cutyourhair
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Variety is the spice of life, and we love how much variety David Anders Palmira puts into his work and Instagram page. From short, edgy pastel cuts to long, curly blondes, Anders Palmira proves he can do much more than simply "cut your hair." His artistry is to be admired, and we can't wait to see what fresh looks he posts next. 

David Anders Palmira


Escape Salon Aveda, Boston

Specialty: Bobs, textured cuts, pastels

Followers: 45.8k

Most viral post: The most viral post I had is one of recent. It was a grey chin-length bob with a really clean line. It had the most saves I’ve ever had on a photo and was reshared by many publications. Also if you’re looking for the photo that I believe put me on the map. It was this bob below that until recently was my most viral post

Favorite apps: My favorite app is Lightroom CC. It’s a fairly new app that’s made for photographs taken with a DSLR camera, which is what I use. I love it because every other app makes your professional quality photo dulled down to an iPhone quality photo.

Favorite hashtags: I honestly use the same hashtags for every post: a few from my city, a few from the colorline I use (Aveda), and a few of my favorite respected publication accounts.

I follow: @olivepalmira @timm.morrison @saramay_level10 @helena132

Pro tips: Make your photo as professional looking as possible. Study portrait photography and emulate that. Give up on the ring light and always go to a window with natural light coming in. Have your guest face the window a few feet back and take some shots. You won’t get a better, true-to-tone shot than that. If it’s late at night then make the exception, but I’ve offered a free blow dry just to get a guest to come back during the day so I could get the picture. My salon has no windows with natural light coming in because it’s inside of a huge center. I have to walk my guest out 50 yards as they leave, and it’s so worth it.

Hidden talent (beauty-related): My hidden talent beauty related is probably my speed. Because I work off of a mental checklist I don’t have to over think anything. It keeps me extremely efficient. I also give a mean men’s cut. I never post men’s hair or market myself that way, but every salon I work at I ends up getting a huge men’s following. It’s great for filling in small openings in my day.

Hidden talent: My hidden talent not related to beauty is I’m a Two-Handed Bowler… most people don’t know what that it is, but it’s a fun way of throwing the ball with a crazy spin. Look it up.

How social media changed my life: Social Media changed my life because it gave me a passion to be better every day! It allows me to share and criticize my own work in the hopes that I grow from it and it really works. This isn’t just a job, it’s my passion, my hobby. Hair is life! So I don’t just do hair and go home to forget what I did the day before. Social media made personal growth in an extremely accelerated way possible!

The first time I was featured on MODERN’s Insta: I do remember the first time! And the photo! It was about 9 p.m. two years ago. Random week night. Maybe Thursday. I had just made dinner and went to check my phone and saw that something strange had happened. My Instagram was going wild with notifications. Those are the things that push you to wake up the next day to do even better hair!

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