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2018 MODERN SALON 100: Kristina Petrini @coloredbykp

Mary Kaleta | August 2, 2018 | 10:00 AM
Kristina Petrini, @coloredbykp
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Kristina Petrini, @coloredbykp
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When Chicago is brewing up the coldest of winters, MODERN editors know to turn to Kristina Petrini's page for a feeling of warm sunshine and the beach. Her stunning blonde creations, which are often accompanied by beachy waves and texture, give off an ultra cool-girl aesthetic. 

Kristina Petrini


Wallingford, Connecticut

Specialty: Balayage

Followers: 23.7k

Most viral post: This post was a beautiful strawberry blonde. I created a seamless blend of reds orange and blush tones on a canvas that has hair for days! I believe this picture went viral because the image is mostly HAIR, no distractions! Also, the tones are something different to the eye which allows the image to stand out in feed.

Favorite apps: Facetune, iMovie and Split Pic. Facetune is my favorite app for my Instagram pos. I use it for every post! With this app I am able to whiten out the background of my image, allowing the hair to make a statement!

Favorite hashtags: #ctcolorist #balayagect #brondehaircolor

I follow: @hairbyraquell @chrisjones_hair @justinandersoncolor @mikaatbhc

Pro tips: Lighting is everything! Finding a solid background with indirect natural light is a must! Lighting can be tricking so finding what areas in your salon work best will help create better photos that show your true color! Also, make sure to stand off to the side a little bit when capturing a photo to avoid blocking your lighting!

Hidden talent (beauty-related): I have a strong male clientele behind the chair! It’s not my focus however, I do enjoy men’s barbering!

Hidden Talent: I have a huge passion for interior decorating!

How social media changed my life: It helped my success tremendously! Instagram is how I made the connection with @prettylittleombre and how I became a member of the amazing team It has built my confidence as an artist, allowing to help others succeed.

The first time I was featured on MODERN’s Insta: This is one of my favorite stories! MODERN SALON was my first big feature. I had been working consistently to get noticed, staying confident in my work in hopes somebody would notice. I was in Portland, Maine with friends, and we were heading out for dinner and I had received a notification saying “@modernsalon mentioned you in a comment” There it was, my first feature! The image was a bright red head, and I remember staring at my phone not believing my eyes so I took a screenshot to save the notification. I was so proud!

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