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2018 MODERN SALON 100: Nina Park @NinaNailedIt

Mary Kaleta | August 2, 2018 | 10:00 AM
Nina Park, @NinaNailedIt
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Nina Park, @NinaNailedIt
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Pretty little designs are abundant on Nina Park's Instagram page. Her intricate nail art is the place to be for #ManicureMonday, and her ability to create a variety of designs and themes keeps us on our (hands and) toes!

Nina Park



Specialty: Abstract brushstroke manicures and negative space floral designs

Followers: 93.3k

Most viral post: My coral splash manicure in 2017 was a surprise success! I painted it for the Mail Chimp campaign called Nail Champ. We had to create looks that people could vote on, and I was blown away by how many people loved this set! I’m even more shocked at the incredible recreations that have ensued—they’re gorgeous!!

Favorite apps: I love using LINE Camera to edit photos, Phonto for my watermarks and FaceTune for the occasional selfie!

Favorite hashtags: #nailart #ninanailedit #boston

I follow: @sohotrightnail, @nailjob, @astrowifey, @mananails, and @jessicawashick!

Pro tips: Background: Find what works best for your skin tone and the nail art! I always go for natural light (but that’s only because I haven’t figured out how to set up a decent lightbox); Hand positioning: This is key! Hand should be poised but relaxed. The “YOU” factor: Try to cultivate a look that is uniquely yours. Ideally, people will be able to recognize your post amidst the flurry of other gorgeous posts in someone’s feed!

Hidden talent (beauty-related): I’m really good at using a curling iron to create messy beach waves! I do it every other morning!

Hidden talent: I have a couple! I surf, and I played roller derby for four years!

How social media changed my life: I have been so lucky to stumble into an incredibly supportive niche. I reached out to a few of my favorite nail artists on social media when I was first starting out, and so many of them replied with the best advice and encouraging words. I’ve been even more fortunate to have met other amazing nail artists in person as I travel around the States and even in Boston!

The first time I was featured on MODERN’s Insta: I lost my mind! The most recent time I was featured on MODERN SALON’s Insta was over the holidays. You reposted my holiday lights manicure, and I was blown away by the love on your Instagram and then the overflow of support and love on my page! You guys have an amazing community!

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