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NYFW: Ethereal Waves with Detailed Braid Using Olivia Garden at Rachel Zoe SS '19 Show

September 10, 2018 | 12:03 PM
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Drawing inspiration from Paris and French-girl style, Rachel Zoe debuted her SS '19 collection at Hotel Bel Air in Los Angeles. The models donned a natural, lived-in-look complete with ethereal waves and detailed braids using a variety of Olivia Garden products.

Products Used:

  • Olivia Garden Ceramic + Ion Professional Hair Dryer
  • Olivia Garden Double Clips
  • Olivia Garden Fingerbrush
  • Olivia Garden Style-Up Teasing Brush
  • Great Lengths Extensions
  • Matrix Texture Builder
  • Matrix Height Riser
  • Matrix Rough Me Up

Get the Look:

  1. Start by blow drying hair using the Olivia Garden Ceramic + Ion Professional Hair Dryer. To add extensions, section hair below the occipital bone. Beginning in the nape, use the Olivia Garden Fingerbrush to section hair 1” from the hairline and ¼ - ½” away from scalp to apply single-tab tape-in extensions. Apply in brick lay pattern for as many rows as necessary to achieve desired look.
  2. Use soft-cutting techniques to blend the extensions into the natural hair.
  3. To create a natural wave, first apply a texture builder to fine hair. From the parietal ridge down, create loose, 3-strand braids in organic sections all around head.
  4. Apply a small amount of volumizing powder on the ends of braids. Then, gently backcomb the ends using the Olivia Garden Style-Up Teasing Brush to hold braids in place.
  5. Using a flat iron, apply light pressure with a tapping motion working from top to bottom of braid, making sure that heat penetrates through the braid.
  6. Let braids cool then gently separate the braids with your fingers.
  7. On one side of the head where the detailed braid will be created, apply a small amount of texture spray to prevent flyaways.
  8. To create the airy, detailed braid, use a small amount of hair. Take outside strands and cross over to center, then remove random pieces and set aside for an organic look. Continue braiding and lightly pulling strands out as you work down the section.
  9. Apply a small amount of volumizing powder on the ends of braid and using light tension, backcomb ends to secure. After the braid is secured, work the ends smooth with your fingers.

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