Introducing Bioprogramming: Beauty Devices Designed to Treat Hair While Styling

Mary Kaleta | September 11, 2018 | 11:00 AM
Repronizer 3D Plus [Dry]
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Hairbeauron 3D Plus [Straight]
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Hairbeauron 3D Plus [Curl]
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Everyday tools such as blow dryers, curling irons and flat irons help millions of people achieve beautiful straight or curly hair. But it's no secret that some of these tools can lead to damaging effects on the hair.

Bioprogramming by Lumielina is aiming to give clients those same beautiful styles without the damage to the hair; instead, Bioprogramming's devices are designed with technology rooted in quantum physics to make hair stronger, healthier and more moisturized and shiny with each use. The technology is programmed into the ceramics of each beauty device to rebalance the hair system—follicles, shaft and surrounding cells—while restoring the moisture levels of the proteins enveloping each hair strand. 

"What makes Bioprogramming so remarkable is its ability to improve anything it’s applied to," says Scott Gurfein, Lumielina USA President and COO. "Bioprogramming technology improves the quality of hair, including moisture, shine and texture. What’s significant about that is understanding how it happens to begin with. If you think about hair, it’s actually part of a system of cells, hair follicles and the hair shaft itself. If the system is out of balance, the hair is damaged. So much of what we do to our hair damages it."

Three Bioprogramming beauty devices will launch this fall, and each is programmed with the brand's proprietary technology. 

"The more you use Bioprogramming devices, the better the improvement, the better the results—the better the quality of the hair," Gurfein says. 

The Devices:

Repronizer 3D Plus [Dry]

Although it looks like a hair dryer, the Repronizer is not. It improves hair quality and increases moisture, shine and smoothness. 

Hairbeauron 3D Plus [Straight]

The Hairbeauron varies from a conventional hair iron or straightener because it straightens and smooths while adding moisture, shine and smoothness. The Hairbeauron 3D Plus [Straight] should be used slowly with long strokes. 

Hairbeauron 3D Plus [Curl]

Available in two sizes—1.0 and 1.4 inches—the Hairbeauron 3D Plus [Curl] should be used slowly and help while styling. It, too, improves hair quality by increasing moisture, shine and smoothness. 

Meet the Bioprogramming Ambassadors: 

Top stylists who have tried the devices are already fans. Some of the ambassadors shared with MODERN their journey with Bioprogramming and told us which device is their favorite.


"I chose to be an ambassador for Bioprogramming because I want what I do to better the industry, and I believe that this technology will do that. My favorite Bioprogramming beauty device would have to be the Repronizer. I'm an instant-gratification person, and this device gives me this. It instantly brings life and shine to the hair. Every one of my clients sees an improvement in their hair instantly. They always ask how much it costs and where they can buy one."


"I chose to be an ambassador after hearing about the revolutionary technology. For me, it was something I had personally never seen with my own eyes after 12 years in the industry, and I wanted to be a part of it! It's going to change the way we style hair and give us more freedom as colorists. My favorite device is the Hairbeauron Curl." -Jessica Wright, @jessicawrighthair

"I chose to become an ambassador for Bioprogramming because it is everything I've been dreaming of! Finally beauty devices that give you healthy, beautiful and strong hair. As a colorist, hair health is very important to me, and we can only do so much in the salon; at-home care is just as important. It is an incredible feeling to be able to send my guests home with beauty devices that I love and trust. Bioprogramming technology is truly changing the way I see hair. My favorite device is the Hairbeauron Straight because it gives even those with compromised hair a smooth, glossy finish." -Leigha Lane, @leighalane

MODERN editor Maggie Mulhern joined the Bioprogramming Brand Ambassadors for a demo on how this new technology will actually treat the hair during the finishing process. Watch it here:

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