MAKEOVER: Faded and Dull To Powerful Pink

Maggie Mulhern | September 12, 2018 | 1:54 PM
Makeover by Brent and Carlyn Basore
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finish by Brent and Carlyn Basore
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"This was our first time coloring Christin's hair," Brent Basore of the Brent and Carlyn Basore team (@hair_by_brentandcarlyn) of Sagebrush Beauty Studios, Palm Desert, CA. says. "She’s been with us before for cuts and we knew she liked to wear vivid colors as she had these done with a stylist we worked with previously. During our consultation she showed me a lot of pictures of rose gold and lavender hair and based on the photos she showed I knew that I needed to use something that was more of a demi permanent color, more multi dimensional, and reflective. The colors she was showing me did not lay flat or look powdery and matte like some vivid colors can." Carlyn Basore, who does the color for the team, chose Guy Tang's #Mydentity to create her hair color, and Brent Basore finished with the cut and style.

BEFORE: Christin had around 3 inches or regrowth with some older highlights mixed in and very blonde fragile ends. The hair also had a faded purple color deposited on top.


-Apply a full platinum card using Schwarzkopf Professionals Blonde Me first lightening the mids with 30 vol (thin slices with foil in-between) leaving out the fragile ends. Once that was applied go to the root area with the same lightener and 20 vol. Process for 30 minutes - no heat - and then draw through to the ends. Process for an additional 5-10 min. (Total process time around 40 min.)

-At the sink, shampoo with Alterna Caviar Bond repair and towel dry. Then apply Guy Tang's #Mydentity Demi Permanent X-Press tones, equal parts Blush and Mauve. These are mixed 1:2 ratio with Guy Tang Demi Developer. Process for 5 minutes on damp hair. "The idea was to pre-tone her hair so the color melt will have something to stick to and last longer, like a primer." Rinse and condition with Alterna Haircare Bond Repair.

-Dry the hair 100% and color melt using Guy Tang's #Mydentity Demi Permanent Color equal parts 6DL and Pink Glow Dual Booster on the root (mix 1:2 with Demi developer) melted into equal parts 7RG, 9RG and Pink Glow Dual Booster through the mid lengths and ends (same developer) Process for 20 min. Rinse and lightly shampoo and condition with Alterna Haircare Bond Repair.

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