Autumn Lash Trend: Less Drama, More Texture

September 13, 2018 | 4:35 PM
Fall brings a whole new way to play with fashion, hair and lashes! Lashes by Zachary Falb  
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This season, adorn lashes with less curl and length and more texture and density. Lashes by Zachary Falb  
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Autumn inspires transition—cozy clothing replaces cool fabrics, cotton quilts are swapped out for fluffy comforters, gourds replace daisies on the porch. Beauty transitions, too—hairstyles, hair color, makeup and even lash looks shift!

This fall, NovaLash Global Master Trainer Zach Falb is recommending a transition from summer’s high-drama lash looks into a more sophisticated style. “These lashes are thicker in texture and slightly shorter in length,” he explains. “Summer was all about length and curl. Autumn is all about the texture and density.”

To create the new autumn lash, Zach applies NovaLash American Volume B Curl extensions in .05 and .07 diameters and 8mm, 10mm and 12mm lengths. The result is dense, textured and warm. “I focused on 8mm and 10mm lengths to create a darker lash line,” he explains, “and by using the B curl I toned down the dramatic appearance of volume extensions. Using two different diameters gives the lashes dimension that focuses on the complimentary textures in an autumn wardrobe. This is the season for layering and playing with a variety of fabrics and textures, and these lashes compliment these styles.”

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