Here’s Why Hair + Lashes = A Perfect Beauty Match

September 13, 2018 | 4:45 PM
Lashes by NovaLash Lash Artist of the Year and Brand Ambassador Tonje Elshaug 
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Lashes by NovaLash Lash Artist of the Year and Brand Ambassador Tonje Elshaug 
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Tonje Elshaug, NovaLash Lash Artist of the Year and Brand Ambassador
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You’re already a qualified cosmetologist or esthetician working in the hair or beauty industry. You make clients feel beautiful with your masterful haircuts and you love the transformative effect a new hair color can have on a client’s appearance. But is something missing from the big reveal? Like … lash extensions?

If you’re already a lash lover, you know exactly how a set of lashes can transform a face. Just like a new cut and color makes a client feel reborn, a set of lashes can make a client feel alive.

Now you could outsource this in-demand service to another spa or salon. Or, you could train to become a certified lash artist and capitalize on your current book of clients. “Did you know cosmetologists and estheticians already have the prerequisites to attend a lash course and become certified lash artists?” says NovaLash Lash Artist of the Year and Brand Ambassador Tonje Elshaug. “Did you also know that the cost per application is around $6 and the average cost of a full set of eyelash extensions is around $200?! This is a huge profit margin on a service that takes around two hours. Most importantly, stylists already have the space in the salon to offer this service. The product storage room or a large cloakroom would make a perfect little lash heaven. All you need is a room large enough for a massage bed and a bit of room to move around plus space for a treatment stool and an excellent lamp.”



An expert hair stylist isn’t born in a day, so it stands to reason that neither is a confident lash artist. It takes a few months of regular practice to perfect newly acquired lash skills. But fear not, says Tonje. You have a wide selection of models at your disposal--your coworkers! This is the perfect group of test subjects to practice on and develop your lash talent.

With regular practice it should take about 60 to 90 days for a new stylist to be ready for paying clients. In that time around 30 to 40 sets of lashes should be completed on co-workers and close friends. “Remember,” says Tonje, “you are only giving away about two hours of your time during a practice session, so it makes sense to perfect your skills before you launch your gorgeous lash services to your waiting clientele. Giving away 30 to 40 free practice sessions only amounts to $150 or $200, around what you will charge for your first paying client. Taking this valuable time to practice is priceless. By launching your lash services to paying clients only when you are ready, you will insure your service starts with success. Rushing the learning process and trying to recoup your investment too soon will result in unsatisfactory results.”



Why offer high-end lash services in a hair salon? You will make the most of your existing clients and give them a beauty service they will love. Also important to remember--lash services require monthly maintenance, bringing clients back into the salon. “You already see them for their routine haircut and color appointments,” Tonje points out. “Now book them in for another reoccurring service--lash extensions. Hair and lashes go perfectly together as they frame the face and are the focal point someone notices when they meet you. Why not help each client put their best face forward with both your lashes and hair on point?”



Choose a lash brand that focuses on creating success for your customers, Tonje advises. Look for a company that has a coaching or mentoring program. Getting certified after a few hours will not provide the tips and confidence for success, he believes. Lash brands that give students the opportunity to receive extra tips, tricks, feedback and comments during their early practice days have proven to be more successful industry-wide.

Once you begin booking your hair clients in for lash appointments, get ready for the word to spread. Offering two highly skilled beauty services—hair and lashes--under one roof will elevate your business reputation and keep customers coming back for more. In an age where time is limited, clients can make the most of a visit and get hair and lash services done at one time. “Just like you customize a cut and color for a client’s face and hair, you will custom create sets of lashes for each and every client,” Tonje points out. “Give them what they want--instantly rejuvenating services that complement each other and make them feel fabulous.”

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