This Is the Ultimate Blowout and It Won’t Take Hours

October 19, 2018 | 6:00 AM
Learn to do a blowout like this in half the normal time.
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Sexy Hair Artistic Director Rafe Hardy  says it’s all in the technique and the products you use.
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New HOT Sexy Hair Flash ME cuts blowout time in half.
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Every hair pro can agree that a spectacular blowout separates the pretty good from the very best in the salon. If you can produce an extra shiny, glossy, swingy blow dry without a hint of frizz, you elevate every service. But pros also know that blowout perfection takes time—and sometimes it’s tempting to cut a few corners in the interest of efficiency. Now there’s a way to provide clients with blowout perfection, and still stay on schedule.

“Blow drying hair doesn’t have to take long to get an amazing final look,” says Sexy Hair Artistic Director Rafe Hardy. “It's all in the technique and the products you use.” Here’s how Rafe achieves a killer blowout in half the normal time.

  1. Apply HOT Sexy Hair Flash Me to damp hair and work the product through. “Flash Me helps reduce blow drying time by 50% and offers heat protection up to 450 degrees,” says Rafe.
  2. Blow dry the hair, using your hands to move it in the direction of the desired style until it's 90 percent dry.
  3. Section across the back and subdivide hair into horizontal sections no larger than the length and width of your brush.
  4. Clear all the tangles, then smooth the hair.
  5. Using the concentrator nozzle on the dryer, point the nozzle in the direction you want the hair to lie.
  6. When each section is almost completely dry, focus on the base then the midshaft.
  7. Once dry move towards the ends and begin turning the brush to polish the section. Use the tip of the concentrator to help secure the ends in the bristles of the brush. 
  8. Finish with HOT Sexy Hair Control Me Hairspray for polish and shine.

That’s all there is to it, and with luck, you’ll even have time to check your Instagram before your next client!

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