Boo! Half Skull Halloween Makeup

October 17, 2018 | 9:41 AM
NovaLash Ambassador Brigitte Sargent collaborated with her client on this spooky Halloween makeup.
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A thoughtful lash design enhances the entire look.
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Use your mad Halloween makeup skills to generate interest in your work on social media.
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It’s that time again—the season when it’s all about dressing up and having fun. And for many clients, the spookier and zombie-er the better! NovaLash Ambassador Brigitte Sargent lives for Halloween, with a particular fondness for skulls. So when her client suggested a collaboration to create this half skull Halloween makeup with NovaLash lashes, Brigitte was all in!

The Lash Design
Brigitte’s objective was to keep her client’s eyes bright and open, even though one of them would be surrounded by a pool of black. “It would have been easy to reduce her eye shape, making it look small and droopy,” she explains. To achieve her goal, Brigitte used a mixture of C and D curls in lengths of 10, 12 and 14mm. She concentrated the D curls primarily on the outer half of the lash line to give the eyes a lifted appearance. “Using the tighter curls towards the outer half of the eye lifts and opens it so she appears brighter and more alert,” says Brigitte.  “I actually use this strategy every day in my spa to give my clients a more lifted and youthful eye shape.” For a finishing touch, she randomly applied several glittered and Candied lashes, just for fun! 

The Makeup
A full set of NovaLash American Volume lashes were applied in two hours and then the makeup took an additional hour. “My model is the most amazing artist,” Brigitte reveals. “For the skull side she mixed a combination of grey and white eye shadows into her regular liquid foundation and used NovaLash 24 Hour Cream Shadow in Houri Matte for the black detailing. She used her regular makeup on the other side.”

Halloween makeup is fun and artistic. What’s more, it’s a great way to attract attention for your normal services. “I adore Halloween,” says Brigitte, “and I use beautiful Halloween makeup images to promote my lash services on social media and in emails to clients because it’s interesting and eye catching!

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