Hair Cut Hack: How To Cut a Baby's Hair With No Tears

Alison Alhamed | October 22, 2018 | 7:34 AM
Scroll down to see this haircut in action! What a great idea! (Bring your sense of humor!)

Ah, the internet is so full of solutions. One quick Google and you have a life hack for just about any problem.

Lucky for us in the beauty biz, there's Instagram: packed with clever stylists full of solutions to address concerns related to the every day client.

One of our favorite pages to follow is the creative team out of Spain @expresioncreativos, the masterminds behind pixelated hair color.

This team of artists is constantly creating art and magic every day--so although this video seems slightly out of place given the typical hair art we're used to seeing (which is exactly why we clicked play!), this hairdresser hack is EXACTLY the kind of magical content we're looking for when we visit their page.

Squirming babies afraid of the scissor? Say no more, thanks to this genius idea from @xpersioncreativos.

Now if only we could put adults who won't keep their heads still in this thing, too! For that, there's always this solution, shared by @j_cardii

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😂😂😂 Lay back and relax. #hairstylist #hairstylistmemes #hair #haircolor #hairmemes

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