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Programmed to Succeed: Q & A with Bioprogramming’s Pirooz Sarshar

Anne Moratto | October 31, 2018 | 8:40 AM
Bioprogramming VP of Business Development, Education and Influencer Relations, Pirooz Sarshar
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Repronizer 3D Plus
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The Hairbeauron 3D Plus [Straight]
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Hairbeauron 3D Plus [Curl]
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When something is programmed, through repetition and reinforcement, a new behavior or experience is acquired. The new beauty devices for salon styling from Bioprogramming by Lumielina feature a technology that is said to re-balance the hair structure with continuous use and stylists are working with them in a completely new way. (More on that later…) And this uniqueness extends to calling them “beauty devices” instead of styling tools or appliances and in this interview, Pirooz Sarshar, vice president of business development,  explains why. Sarshar talks with MODERN SALON about quantum physics and finishing hair—in the same sentence—while in the middle of a country-wide tour taking these beauty devices on the road.

 MODERN SALON: You have been involved in so many facets of the professional beauty industry. What attracted you to the Bioprogramming story?

 PIROOZ SARSHAR:  You’re right, I’ve grown up in this business, and when I was approached about this, I said, no way.  Because when you think of anything that relates to styling appliances, we all know how it’s going to go: you have the high-end ones that stylists buy once a year, then the mid-range you can buy in beauty supplies, and then the forty dollar dryers you can find at drug stores. There hasn’t been anything new to say about them for a long time.

 What interested me about Bioprogramming, though, is that this is not a beauty company, this is a science and technology company. Lumielina has other divisions and they applied programming technology calculated by the space-time quantum physics theory to the development of Bioprogramming beauty devices. Everything they do is committed with a clear purpose. With these beauty devices, we aren’t selling, we’re demonstrating, we’re educating, with intention.

 MS: If someone isn’t familiar with quantum physics, how do you talk about the devices so they’ll understand their technology?

 PS: I tell them to think about Apple products and how they continue to come out with improved models. Think of going from a flip phone to an iPhone; once you have experienced what an iPhone can do for you, you’re not going back to your flip phone.

I also tell them a tool is something you use but a device is something you program. The proprietary technology built into the ceramics of Bioprogramming’s beauty devices is programmed to re-balance the entire hair structure, from the follicle through the hair shaft, while increasing moisture levels of the proteins enveloping each hair strand. The more you use Bioprogramming devices, the better the improvement, the better the results—the better the quality of the hair

 Also, more than talking about them, we are demonstrating them. One of the rules we have as a company is that we’ll go to any salon and demonstrate because our strategy is to win the war, not the battle, by changing the way people think, overall, about styling. If we only describe without demonstrating what these devices can do, they won’t believe it and they worry they will be slowed down. So we teach and show them that if they take their time, go slower, use the proper cool button, they can achieve the most long-lasting volume and results.

 MS: Even though you just said you want to demo, not describe, can you talk us through the three devices?

 PS: We have the Repronizer 3D Plus [Dry] which is a dryer but works very differently. With a conventional dryer, it is recommended that you keep working the dryer around the scalp, but we can keep the Repronizer on one spot or come as close as we want to the scalp and only be doing the hair and scalp a favor. Bioprogramming pulls from the body, increasing the gloss index and the moisture content. You actually see a condition change.

The HairBeauron 3D Plus [Straight] smooths and straightens while adding moisture, shine and smoothness. It even works in the off mode. It should be used slowly with long strokes. Using these devices, some hairdressers are now charging more for styling and finishing.

 HairBeauron 3D Plus [Curl], again, should be used slowly. Anytime you hold the hair for longer than 15 seconds with conventional irons, the curl is going to fry off but with this HairBeauron, the longer you hold the curl, the longer it lasts and the condition is incredible.  

The [Straight] and [Curl] go to 360’ which is plenty hot, doesn’t burn the hair, and actually increases moisture in the hair.

 MS: Why is this such an important time to focus on hair health in the salon?

 PS: MODERN SALON did a research study on hair color and the number one concern you found for clients is their hair health. Clients pay for chemical services to make their hair look better but what they want most is to have truly healthy hair. They also want simplicity and safe products that work.

When you are using extensive heat on your hair, you are creating damage. Bioprogramming is helping the protein structure heal itself and reverses the process the more you use the devices.

 MS: In videos of your ambassadors using the products, they mention that they don’t even need to treat the hair with products—why?

 PS: For years, we’ve been taught to mask our liabilities with products.  These devices are great for that client who has stopped using hot appliances because they’ve experienced damage. We don’t use product because we want to show how these devices, alone, recreate the hair, restore the hair, bring it back to life and the result is beautiful, finished hair.

 As an industry, we’re very bad at finishing and styling hair so we’re bringing that to the forefront and talking about how to change that. But if I gave you a device that is ergonomically better for you, it makes your life easier, it gives your client healthy, shiny hair, would you be interested? We don’t have to force the sale. I convert them, one by one.

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