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WELLA TREND VISION: 2013 Trends Released

Maggie Mulhern | October 26, 2012 | 8:24 AM
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The trends for the 2013 Wella Trend Vision have been released. The press was granted a private preview on Friday and it's been tough respecting the embargo. However, Modern is thrilled to release the images and videos, now, while the trend is being presented simultaneously to the thousands of salon professionals from 50 countries attending ITVA (International Trend Vision Awards) in Madrid, Spain.

The overall trend is called "The Sound Of Color". Global Creative Directors Eugene Souleiman (Design) and Josh Wood (Color), created four powerful trends for next year.

FUSION: West meets East, a modern day Geisha. Says Eugene, "It's almost an Avatar...very technical."

DECIBEL: An homage to the early 70's, between glam rock and punk. Says Josh, "There is total freedom in color...very bright and brash."

ECHO: "A tormented soul...full of conflict. It's a reaction to the economic crisis," says Eugene.

ALLEGRA: "This is a piece of art," says Josh. The looks are elitist and filled with ostentatious color. "This client is never satisfied."

Check out these videos and pictures from the press conference to get in depth coverage of the 2013 Wella Trend Vision trends..."The Sound of Color".

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