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Rikoko Holds International Launch Event in London

Anne Moratto | November 8, 2018 | 11:16 AM
Richy Kandasamy
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Rikoko was created with the fundamental mission of bringing newness, harmony and a global point of view to luxury hair care. Created by expert colorist Richy Kandasamy and brand visionaire Renee Cascarina, Rikoko products are based on exotic ingredients and ancient rituals from the Seychelles islands.

A launch event was held in London at Salon Inanch in September.  Alongside successful UK distributor Rebel Beauty Brands, founder Richy Kandasamy introduced guests to this niche line. Guests came to investigate the collection of products that is divided into three categories: Lock and Seal, Prism and Noir.

 Influencers including CURLture and Supriyya attended to learn more about the global texture message of the brand, while delegates from the Seychelles High Commission came to enjoy the evening and support this fledgling brand that engages resources from the Indian Ocean Island.

 "The evening was incredible, with a real variety of guest, learning more about how we can care for our own hair textures, be it thicker or thinner hair, our line is very simply at its core, heal, seal and shine," Kandasamy says. 

Rikoko is divided into three collections. The first is Rikoko Lock, which starts at the basin and is a two-phase, post-color service that helps balance Ph and locks in color in just 10 minutes. Followed by a vegan Shampoo and Conditioner duo  free of sulfate, paraben and gluten and are infused with vanilla oil, cinnamon, hibiscus and ginger ingredients.

 Second is Rikoko Prism, a prepping line of leave-in conditioners that help to tone, maintain, and heal with lightweight coconut oil, vetiver and passion fruit.

 The third is Rikoko Noir, the finishing line which includes the travel friendly Kokobalm, a solid coconut oil infused with lemongrass that naturally adds weightless shine and heals with cumulative use.



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