How to Guarantee Long-Lasting Winter Lashes

December 2, 2018 | 3:12 AM
In winter, lash hydration and moisturizing is key.
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NovaLash cleanLASH 3-in-1 conditioner, cleanser and  makeup remover pads are infused with pomegranate seed oil to keep lashes conditioned and prevent flaking.
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NovaLash cleanLASH 3-in-1 conditioner, cleanser and  makeup remover pads.
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When it comes to winter care for lash extensions, says NovaLash Ambassador Andrea Bucci, it’s all about moisturizing. “Winter weather is dryer,” she explains. “In summer, skin tends to be oilier. But in winter, it’s even more important to moisturize the lashes and the surrounding skin.”

There are several good reasons for additional winter moisturizing.“It helps keep the lashes conditioned and prevents them from flaking,” Andrea explains. “And when lashes and the lash adhesive are moisturized, the lashes themselves last much longer.”

Andrea’s go-to for winter lash moisturizing are the NovaLash cleanLASH 3-in-1 conditioner, cleanser and makeup remover pads. “They’re infused with pomegranate seed oil,” Andrea says. “So they keep lashes conditioned and prevent them from flaking.”

The pads are an excellent way to remove makeup, but Andrea recommends use even for clients who don’t wear makeup.  “I recommend using them four times a week because they restore the adhesive and prevent it from flaking and crusting. It’s also a nice little treatment for the skin around the eyes,” she says.

Some of Andrea’s lash clients wonder if it’s ok to use oil on their eyes after a service. She assures them the cleanLASH pads won’t harm their lashes or adhesive. “I purposely use them right after a service to show them it’s ok,” she says. “And I send them home with a few pads in a Ziploc, so they can see for themselves.”

Perhaps the biggest problem with the cleanLASH pads is NOT using them. “As an artist, I can always tell who’s using them and who isn’t,” says Andrea. “When I’m doing a fill on a user, I can go through it quickly because the lashes are well moisturized. If they’re not users, the lashes look dry and crusty. It’s like cleaning your teeth before bed. If you don’t do it, it quickly becomes evident.”

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