Audrey Hepburn-Inspired Hair Tutorial

Alison Alhamed | October 26, 2012 | 1:36 PM

Audrey Hepburn-Inspired Hair TutorialCostume party or not, who doesn't love playing dress up? Especially when that means flaunting all your sass and class in an Audrey Hepburn-inspired get up!

Recently, MODERN Facebook fan Amy Schaming got together with a team to create this Hepburn magic.

Hair: Tyson Keanum of ULTA salon in Columbia, SC
Make-up: Amy Schaming
Photography: Klinh Evelyn Grace Photography
Model: Kyrian Poole

To begin, prep the hair with Aveda Brilliant medium hold hairspray. Curl the entire head with a 3/4-inch curling iron.

Next, spray each section lightly with Aveda Control Force. Allow curls to set and then brush hair to smooth.

Make two high small ponytails on the high apex. Braid both pony tails, then wrap braids around base. This is to establish/create height at the base.Audrey Hepburn-Inspired Hair Tutorial

Use Aveda Antihumectant pomade and rake through curls. Beginning at first braid, pin the loose curls into the section until the braids are covered.

Continue to build height on the top of the apex with remaining hair. Use smoothing iron to create side swoop bang, and set the entire head with Aveda Control force.

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