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MAKEOVER: From Lovely Blonde to Lovely Red

Maggie Mulhern | November 28, 2018 | 5:59 AM
Makeover  by  Ashley Feht
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Hair  color  by Ashley Feht
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"This lovely lady, Andrea, came to me after her fiancé saw my pics and reviews online," says Ashley Feht (@ashletfehthair) of In Style Hair, Orlando, Florida (@instylehairorlando). "He knew she needed a makeover after having her son and fell in love with the work he saw."

Feht and Andrea met for a consultation and "she knew she was 'red-y' to venture into the world of being a redhead. I LOVE creating natural looks for my guests."

Feht shares the details for this makeover, using Andrea's natural level 6 outgrowth (1/2") and previously highlighted hair, using all Lakme products:

STEP 1: Apply 30g collage 6/40 and 20g collage 7/64 with 10 vol to the roots in diagonal slices, varying the amount of root coverage from 1/4'' to 1''.

STEP 2: Then apply 20g Gloss 7/46 and 20g 8/40 with 6 vol making sure to blend the roots and fully saturate the section.

STEP 3: Draw through to the ends with the 20g Gloss 10/40 with 6 volume.

STEP 4: Process for 30 minutes. Shampoo with Lakme Color Stay Sulfate-Free Shampoo and follow with Lakme Color Stay Conditioner. Towel dry. L2 and Top Ten.  Smooth dried and finished with a curling iron.

"I love using what is already in the hair to my advantage, and working smarter, not harder," says Feht. "This color will soften over the next 6 weeks, but will remain on tone and look great and vibrant making this new mom feel beautiful and confident as she embarks on the new journey of motherhood."

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