Offer Clients Creative Hair Color Options, in Minutes, with These Go-To Hues

Anne Moratto | November 28, 2018 | 7:30 AM
A creative braid reveals the pretty mix of color by Haley Garber.
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Lindsay Wolf combined teal and copper for this dramatic color combo.
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Jennifer Lopiccolo refreshed some ends…
Photo By Jennifer Lopiccolo Photo 3 of 4
…and made an easy transition from moody blue to powerful purple.
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You know your clients are eyeing those bright colors and you know they want to dip their tresses into the rainbow but they might need a nudge or, even better, a boost. Three artists, Jennifer Lopiccolo (@jenniferlopiccolo_hair), Lindsay Wolf (@studio_wolf), and Haley Garber (@beautybyhaleygarber), worked with new Aloxxi InstaBoost Color Conditioning Masques to refresh some color (Jennifer), accent a super-cute cut (Lindsay), and to complement terrific texture (Haley), knowing that these high-pigment treatments would punch up color while hydrating strands. They’re also that perfect gateway into creative color, introducing clients to color options while knowing they can change their minds after 10 shampoos.

Garber, known for her rainbow brights enhanced by braids, buns, and fun updos, used InstaBoost to create hidden pops of color underneath a five strand side braid and bun. And then she captured the graceful fade as the color went from vibrant to vintage. “I used Aloxxi Ultra Lightener and 20 volume to prelighten from the crown down. After rinsing using Aloxxi Essential 7 Oil Shampoo and Conditioner, I rough-dried her hair to about 95% then used InstaBoost Conditioning Color Masks in Purple Reign, Purple Reign + Fireball Red, and Purple Reign + True Blue. We styled with Aloxxi Shine Mist, Conditioning Cream, and Serum.”

The extra-pigmented formulas in the eight InstaBoost masques add intense color to pre-lightened platinum to medium blonde hair, or give a hint of color to dark blonde to light brown hair. They also feature hydrating and nourishing ingredients to add shine and protection along with temporary color. (Results last 10 to 15 washes but more use means more intensity and staying-power.)

Using a custom mix of Copper Cabana and Aquamarine Dream, Wolf created a truly unexpected, modern pixie. “I love this combo so much, especially with her cut,” Wolf says.

 “Pink, Please” was used to refresh Lopiccolo’s client who needed a little touch-up on her ends and she bumped up another look from blue to a deep purple on a dark-haired client.  

 The full range of Aloxxi InstaBoost Color Conditioning Masques colors is:

  • Aquamarine Dream
  • Copper Cabana
  • Fireball Red
  • Good as Rose Gold
  • Pink, Please
  • Purple Reign
  • Silver Fox
  • True Blue

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