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'90s Style Inspirations: Bobs, The Flip and More

Jessica Galliart | October 29, 2012 | 12:01 AM

Ever look at celebrity hairstyles on Pinterest or your favorite gossip site and have to remind yourself what decade you’re in? We got a little 1990s deja vu recently while scoping out the latest red carpet styles, several of which are basically slightly modernized versions of some very familiar vintage looks.



'90s Style Inspirations: Bobs, The Flip and MoreWhitney Port

Still have your banana clips handy? A super simple updo, loosely pulled to the high back of the head but well secured with a banana clip, was super popular for its volume and as an alternative to an elastic that would sometimes restrict movement of those permed locks. Remember Lisa Turtle’s waterfall-esque updos on “Saved by the Bell”? Exactly. Today, Whitney’s look adapts the same technique of the banana clip by securing hair close to the head and letting the waves flow freely.

Need some tips on how to create long loose waves like Whitney's for your client? Check out this holiday hair how-to.





'90s Style Inspirations: Bobs, The Flip and MoreKristen Stewart

Kristen’s been rocking the flipped look for quite some time now. But who did it first? The look of the deep side part, hair flipped and swept to the opposite side, was seen throughout the ‘90s in movies like “Clueless,” on shows like “Beverly Hills 90210” and on influential models like Cindy Crawford.

Get the look: Kristen's stylist explains how he created a similar look for her on the MTV red carpet.







'90s Style Inspirations: Bobs, The Flip and MoreChelsea Leyland

And Kristen certainly isn’t the only one adapting “The Flip.” DJ Chelsea Leyland is usually seen with her textured hair casually swept over to the opposite side. Her curls and waves remind us of permed styles seen on Drew Barrymore and on “Saved by the Bell” (Jessie Spano, anyone?), with more definition, control and natural edge.

Kat Dennings also occasionally rocks the textured flip look on the sitcom 2 Broke Girls. Get the how-to on the updated style here.








'90s Style Inspirations: Bobs, The Flip and MoreEvan Rachel Wood

Teasing and extreme volume at the crown? So very ‘90s. Add fringe parted down the middle and curled under a tad, and you have a ‘do that could have been worn by anyone from Drew Barrymore to Gwyneth Paltrow back in the day. In present day, though, Evan’s look creates an air of classic sophistication for her on the red carpet.

See more fall trends--including the tapered bob--here, according to a Rusk Celebrity Hair Stylsit.

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