Top 10 Most-Liked Photos from Our Instagram this Week

Mary Kaleta | December 10, 2018 | 12:03 PM
This hairstyle was resposted this week as a Throwback Thursday post because it was one of our most-liked photos this year. On it's second time being featured (this week's repost) is received more than 6,300 likes!
Photo By @monarchhairco

One of the best parts about being an editor for MODERN is the ability to feature both new and seasoned artists on our page and share your work to our more than 996k followers! Here are our most-liked photos from the week of 12/3-12/09. 

1. @alena_famina

2. @samirasjewelry

3. @monarchhairco

4.  @zimmermanhair

5. @lo_wheelerdavis

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@lo_wheelerdavis’ before and after has us wishing we were in the chair RIGHT NOW. ••• I don’t know about you.. but..This before/after of @barbarabrigido totally makes me want to get my hair done. 🙋🏼‍♀️ . This transformation took 3hrs. . All we did was break up the solid underneath nape area with foils. (Aprox 8-10 foils) To refresh the over all color, I Detailed out the hairline + sprinkled a few foils thru the crown! . Once we finished our speedy foil work, as a bonus we tipped a few pieces of the exterior with the remaining lightener left. . Prep+ formulate 10min Total application 45min Process time 45min Prep+formulate 10min Rinse + tone 35min Style 35min . Here are our results! What do you think? #modernsalon #modernsalon100

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6. @haribysaretta

7. @joeldoeshair

8. @philipwolffhair

9. @goldduststudio3

10. @jessicadomoney

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