Braid Slayer: 19 Times Amanda Kimball @amandajeank Won the Braid Game

Alison Alhamed | December 13, 2018 | 7:30 AM
Accidental Christmas Tree. "This unique upstyle was done using a string braid at the top, following into a 4 strand braid using a ribbon on the left and one on the right. Finished with a red and white Chinese ladder ribbon braid. Used @sexyhair #bigsexyhair #powderplaylite to expand my 4 strand braids. When I stepped away from it, it looked like a Christmas tree. So I went with it. Then I decorated it with @pinkpewter."
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Pearly Ice Queen "This beautiful upstyle was created using infinity braids and a faux-braid technique. I used @sexyhair #bigsexyhair #powderplaylite to puff out the braid and #healthysexyhair #sotouchable to keep the fly aways away!. I used Pearl accents to bring it all together."
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Holiday Cheer  "This beautiful Holiday Hair was created with a beautiful red ribbon string braid into a green ribbon braid. I used #bigsexyhair #getlayered to hold my style and #stylesexyhair #hardupgel to smooth the hair around the ribbon braid."
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Better Seen In Double "This beautiful Edged Fishtail Braid was created with the help from @sexyhair #bigsexyhair #powderplaylite and #getlayered. Typically, I would have created 2 braids and layed one on top of the other to get the look as if it was one braid. Today, I taught myself something new and created it as one big braid. ❤ Never stop learning. Practice, practice, practice."
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Clovers and Cotton "Practicing my new "Clover Braid" I created! This fun upstyle was created using @sexyhair #healthysexyhair #stylingpaste and #hotsexyhair #Controlme I wanted to create something new and fun."
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Off The Chain Pony "This cute infinity ponytail has black chain detail on the top finished with a pulled out infinity on the bottom for texture. I used my favorite product @sexyhair #bigsexyhair #powderplaylite."
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"This dreamy downstyle was created with the help from @hairdousa clip in extensions in stormy blue. The color pops are perfect with this silver hair. To lock in my style I used @sexyhair #bigsexyhair #powderplaylite and #healthysexyhair #pureaddiction"
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Ribbon Braids "This about killed me! It took me forever until I got the hang of it! But I needed a good challenge! So I researched @hair_glamour1 She is amazing by the way! She inspired me to step out a bit! To do something I dont normally do as far as my upstyles/downstyles go. For working product I used @sexyhair #healthysexy #stylingpaste for control during my braid. Any remaining hair that was sticking out of the braid when completed, I smoothed down with <a hr
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"This beautiful upstyle was created with the help from the New @sexyhair #controlme. First, on dry hair spray each section then comb or brush through. Then, curl each section. Once the whole head is curled brush out. Then, begin your upstyle. Hot tip, braids stay in better when you pre-prep the hair. It always gives a better foundation to work with!"
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Bun Life "A beautiful alternative if your braid game isn't strong! A simple bun like this one, can be turned into something romantic or fun! My tip is, dont over think it. Twist it up and pin in place. Let the hair talk to you. Dont force it. If you start forcing it, that's when things can fall apart! Dress this bun up a bit like I did with this beautiful piece from @pinkpewter. I styled this bun with the help from my favorite products @sexyhair"
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Berry-licious "Double Reverse French Fishtail Braids accented with @pinkpewter styled with @sexyhair #bigsexyhair #powderplaylite."
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3D Love: 3D braid with a pull-through braided bun.
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Crown Braids: Double the fun.
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DOUBLE THE FUN: "3D Pull Thru Braids Styled with my new Favorite Product from @sexyhair."
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Crown Braid
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Holiday Fun Bun "This awesome high braided bun was put together with the help from @sexyhair#healthysexyhair #stylingpaste and #bigsexyhair #powderplaylite for that super expanded braid on the top and holding it all in place I used #bigsexyhair #getlayered."
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Boho + Pink Pewter accessories
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Crown braid
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Double piggies
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Amanda Kimball is known for her incredible braiding skills--one quick look at her @amandajeank Instagram page and you'll see why we named her a MODERN SALON 100 and are proud to have her on our Artist Connective.

This stylist, a Sexy Hair platform artist from Raleigh, North Carolina, repeatedly impresses us with her techniques, photo and video tutorials, and clever names for her creations. 

In the gallery featured here, see 19 times this "braid slayer" won the braid game!

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