Within Season Ulta Beauty’s Fall+Winter 2012 Collection

Alison Alhamed | October 31, 2012 | 10:12 AM
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Feminine Edge || Color: 1 oz 03N Espresso SEQ Gloss + 1 oz Shades EQ Processing Solution
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Tousled and Polished || Color: 1 oz 06NA Cool Cocoa SEQ Cream + 1 oz 03BR Burgundy Wine SEQ Cream + 2 oz 10 vol. Pro-Oxide Developer
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High-Impact Highlights || Highlight: Redken Blonde Dimensions + 20 vol. ProOxide Developer Glaze: ½ oz 09V Platinum Ice SEQ Gloss + ½ oz 09G Vanilla Cream SEQ Gloss + 1 oz 000 Crystal Clear SEQ Gloss + 2 oz SEQ Processing Solution
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Radiant Red || Highlights: Redken Blonde Icing Power Lift + 20 vol. Blonde Icing Developer Base: Chromatics 5C 5.4 copper + 20 vol. Oil Cream Developer Midshaft and ends: Chromatics 6R 6.6 Red + 7C 7.4 copper + 30 vol. Oil Cream Developer
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Hair: Rodney Cutler, Tracy Guthrie-Vastag, Feliciano Abad and Kirk Beresford for The Salon at Ulta Beauty
Photography: Sarah Silver
Make-up: Tyron
Fashion styling: Sarah Gore

For Ulta Beauty’s Fall+Winter 2012 collection, it’s not just about showcasing radiant color and chic cuts, it’s about embracing the built-in versatility of natural texture, taking risks with feminine meets masculine silhouettes and using lightener to create natural dimension and depth without a major overhaul.

“As hairdressers, we’re not following fashion—we’re developing fashion,” says Rodney Cutler, owner of New York and Miami’s four Cutler Salons, and brand ambassador for Redken and Ulta Beauty.

Cutler, along with the Ulta Beauty Design Team, created the Fall+Winter 2012 collection featured on these pages of MODERN. The collection, which showcases the results achievable through Redken’s newest color launch Chromatics, Cutler says, is based on change.

“As hairdressers, what we don’t do enough is transform our clients,” Cutler says. “We need to step up and introduce new ideas to them.”

The Fall+Winter 2012 collection is designed to represent all women—taking a nod from the runways, and bringing it into the salon.

“My job is to take high-fashion inspiration, interlace that into the everyday client, and then translate it with the Ulta education team—who will be teaching these looks to thousands of hairdressers across the country,” Cutler says.

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