These Devices Condition While They Style

Maggie Mulhern | February 6, 2019 | 6:07 AM
A before and after using the Bioprogramming Repronizer and Hairbeauron.
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A before and after using the Bioprogramming Repronizer and Hairbeauron.
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MODERN editors LOVE testing products, tools and all the other new professional items that come through our offices. For some of us, it is the part of our job!

Bioprogramming is particularly interesting. The three offerings in the line-up are considered "conditioning devices" that have the added benefit of re-texturizing hair through the Repronizer (which also serves as a blow dryer) or the Hairbeauron (two different devices that either straighten or curl.) Many high profile hairdressers swear by the device, including Jake Thompson who uses the Repronizer before any finish.

We decided to see the device in action in the NYC headquarters of Bioprogramming. There we met with educator Lauren who demonstrated how both devices work on MODERN colleague Angela (who admitted she was having a particularly "rough" hair day.)

In just ten minutes, Lauren transformed Reich's hair. We could all see and feel the difference, and in all honesty, it's the best her hair has ever looked. When we checked in with her on the second day she agreed that she is now a Bioprogramming fan more than ever.

Check out this video to see the transformation and learn more about the device from Lauren:

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