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Platinum Blonde Bob with Baby Blue Tips

Anne Moratto | February 21, 2019 | 9:58 AM
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Photo By @serenalorencapelli Photo 3 of 3

 In addition to the dramatically pure platinum she achieved on her client, what we loved in this post by Serena Loren @serenalorencapelli of Capelli Salon in Warwich, NY, was her frankness about the struggle involved in getting a head of hair to this kind-of white out. And we just couldn’t ask for a better breakdown of her process than what we received when we reached out on Instagram.  The stunning bob cut is by Laura Mignone, also of Capelli Salon. 

 “My friend @morgsloan was open and willing to let me use her hair as a canvas to do whatever I want,” Loren explains. “Achieving this blonde was challenging and honestly, I am very proud of it. It’s not so easy to turn a regularly foiled, highlight client into a solid, platinum blonde. It was so tedious weaving out all the hair that was already blonde while I lightened the depth in between.”

Phase 1: Apply Oligo Blacklight Lightening Cream with 20 volume & 1/16th oz Olaplex #1 to root zone 1, starting in the back nape section working your way up and around the head. The higher up you move, the more depth you have to weave out and drag that lightener into those pieces using FULL saturation. LEAVE OUT EXISTING BLONDE ONLY dragging the lightener down into the darker strands of hair as well as root zone. Do this throughout the head completing the application in the front hairline.

 When reached a level 9 in zone 1 and about a 7 in zone 2, rinse & shampoo with Oligo Violet Shampoo. Apply 1/2oz Olaplex with 3oz water as a treatment rinse before you go in for lightening round 2. Rinse after 7 minutes. Then towel dry gently after LIGHTLY conditioning. Blow dry the hair completely angling the nozzle DOWN at the hair.

 Phase 2: Section the head into 3 quadrants; 2 front sections, 1 large back section. Apply Oligo Blacklight (equal parts) extra blonde and cool blonde powers with 1/16th oz Olaplex #1 with 20vol in 1/4” sections in foil. Do not fold up each foil, apply and lay everything down flat to process smoothly and evenly. Do this in both front sections and back section until reaches a level 9 to match the roots.

 Phase 3: Rinse, shampoo, apply Olaplex #2 for 20 minutes. Then shampoo again and follow up with LIGHT conditioner just at the ends. Towel dry and comb out GENTLY. Apply Wella T18 starting in root zone 1 (apply back to front) then drag down into mids & ends. Let process for 15 minutes. Rinse well, condition, towel dry, blow dry.

 Phase 4: Apply only at the tips of the hair using a small color brush and a narrow balayage paddle, about 1.5” from the ends going up the hair. For this baby blue, equal parts of ‘powder’ and clear were used from Pulp Riot semi-permanent direct dye. Let process for 20 minutes. Rinse with COLD water, light condition just at the tips using Oligo Color Lock Conditioner. Blow dry.

 “By the end of this 7 hour process, her hair felt so lush and strong thanks to a combination of Oligo Pro  Blonding Cream on scalp and Oligo Pro Cool Blonde Powder off scalp used with Olaplex.”

Shattered Blunt Bob by Laura Mignone @capellisalonnewyork

“Fascinated with the motion and how quickly the teeth of my clippers move, I decided to clipper cut each section hair using my Wahl Sterling Series. Sectioning in 4 quadrants and combing with very little tension. Continuing each section and gently cutting across the bottom at a slight elevation. As the clippers move they shatter the edges giving the most unique outcome on the hair.”—Laura Mignone


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