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Meet The Horse Barber Melody Hames Who Has Changed the Face of Equestrian Clipping

Alison Alhamed | March 11, 2019 | 8:31 AM
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Spotted on @thehorsebarber_melody, she writes that this rose design was freehanded.
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As seen on @thehorsebarber_melody
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When she shared this post on @thehorsebarber_melody, Hames said she didn't know the horse owner's concept until 5 minutes prior to starting the design--that, she says, is why freehand skills are so important.
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When she posted this on @thehorsebarber_melody, Hames wrote "How did you spend your Sunday? I spend mine doing what I love and adore." She used an Andis Pulse Ion to create the look.
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As editors of the beauty space, Instagram is one of the most important tools we have to really keep an eye on emerging trends, products, techniques and, one of the best parts!, personalities.

Through features and profiles on our MODERN SALON website, we’ve been able to shine a light on talent from all over the globe, showcasing artists’ unique skill sets. These MODERN SALON profiles have helped careers explode, giving a voice and more eyes to beauty pros worthy of the attention.

We recently stumbled upon one artist who just simply blew us away with her unique talent of cutting incredible graphic designs. But she’s not doing it on humans, she’s using her clippers and trimmers on horses. HORSES!

Meet Melody Hames, aka The Horse Barber. She has changed the face of equestrian clipping—yes, that’s a thing, a HUGE thing!—with her unique artistic approach and graphic detailing when she cuts horse hair.

According to her website, when she was nine years old, Hames discovered this talent when she was caring for her pony who suffered from Cushings disease, which can cause horse hair to be long, curly and delayed in its shedding. To assist in his comfort, she started grooming his coat. Fast-forward two decades, and now Hames is known as the United Kingdom’s premier horse barber.

Her Creative Clipping ranges from a small hind feature all the way through a full body creative project. A small hind feature is sometimes added to regular traditional clips. 

In addition to her passion for horses, she has her degree in graphic design—the perfect combo for this talent to explode. In addition to educating with and being an ambassador of Andis clippers, she is now focused on her Budding Horse Barber Concept, bringing clipping education to those who wish to become better at the craft, creating a safer and more enjoyable experience for both the horse and the handler when it comes to clipping season.

You can learn more about Hames by visiting her Instagram page @thehorsebarber_melody  or visiting her website for additional information on her training.

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