Blonding, Balayage and Babylights: Why We're Obsessed with @Mane_Ivy

Mary Kaleta | March 12, 2019 | 12:20 PM
Michelle Zeller Porumb, @mane_ivy
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Peoria, Arizona-based colorist Michelle Zeller Porumb, @mane_ivy, works her magic in the salon.
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When MODERN posted this photo to our Instagram page, it received more than 11,200 likes
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The Mane Silkie scrunchie is just one adorbale accessory sold by Porumb.
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March is a particularly difficult time of the year if you live in an area that's prone to out-of-the-blue snowfall. A tease of warm temperatures can easily be dismayed with a morning of frost-covered windshields.

MODERN calls Chicago home, so on a gloomy day, we often turn to Instagram to take our mind off the dreary weather conditions and focus instead on sunny, summer blonding. 

Luckily, Instagram introduced us to the queen of sunkissed hair: Michelle Zeller Porumb, @mane_ivy. The Peoria, Arizona-based colorist owns Mane Ivy Salon and has been featured in publications such as Cosmopolitan and Elle. A simple scroll through her Instagram shows endless pictures of blonding, balayage and babylights all neatly displayed on crisp, white backgrounds. Porumb has also launched an extensive line of super cute scrunchies and headbands that regularly sell out.

"My goal is to create that texture and color that gets better with time, protecting the life of your hair," Porumb writes on her website. "As a mover & a shaker myself, I am constantly educating and perfecting my craft in this continuously evolving world. We are all individuals & no two manes are the same- we need to create the best versions of ourselves we can."

Porumb teaches her stunning techniques on the road through her Mane Ivy Tour. During the class, Porumb says attendees will learn how to create live-in hair with soft transitions that allow up to a six-month grow out. She also shows how to strategically use lowlights, blonde foilyage and balayage together to create the perfect blend. 

Recreate this bronde color look with these tips:

When MODERN posted this photo to our Instagram page, it received more than 11,200 likes
When MODERN posted this photo to our Instagram page, it received more than 11,200 likes

*Mane Ingredients 

Wella Blondor 25 Volume

Lowlights: Redken Shades EQ 1/2 6nb 1/2 6gi 1/4 7nw

Root Shade: 5nw 7N

All Over Shade: 9gi 8v 9nb 

*Mane Way: Foil Pattern

Horizontal and diagonal partings 

Babylight, Weave, Scoop Pickup

*Mane Piece: Diagonal 

Babylight and Scoop Pickup

*Throwing Shade: Final step of color and end Shade 

Think you know balayage? Think again. Read our guide to the technique to become the ultimate expert.

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