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The Power Cap: Designed to Empower Clients with Hair Loss

Maggie Mulhern | March 13, 2019 | 1:02 PM
Dalia and Maggie Mulhern talk about the Empower Cap and TG Hair Toppers, offering a fresh look for a hair loss client.

MODERN met with Dalia, an ambassador for TG Hair Toppers who says her connection with the brand has made a significant impact on her self esteem. Dalia lost her hair as a result of chemotherapy but was able to salvage her look through the "Power Cap", a modern design utilizing her own hair sewn onto a soft cap that is worn under a baseball cap or hat. It's genius.

"Terri and I formed this wonderful 360° program to fill a void that Pantene Beautiful Lengths left when they ceased their program," says salon owner Mark Garrison. "Hair donation has been very dear to me as I lost my mother from breast cancer when I was a kid. My mother wore a different wig every day. In the face of cancer, she showed no weakness to a disease that ultimately killed her eight years later. DHD POWER CAPS embody the spirit of divine strength from donor to recipient." According to Garrison, "Transparency with where every hair goes is primary to our mission. This program is designed specifically for underprivileged individuals."

Hear more about Dalia's story, her gratitude to Garrison and founder Terri Green, and get more details about how the professional stylist can help others in the same situation:

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