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Shaking Up The Mannequin Game

Maggie Mulhern | March 15, 2019 | 6:17 AM
Mannequin head from Kris Sorbie NYC
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Mannequin head from Kris Sorbie NYC
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Mannequin heads from Kris Sorbie NYC
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"I feel hairdressers don’t always appreciate the power esthetic has when working with mannequin heads," says the iconic Kris Sorbie, famed colorist, stylist and artist. As the Global Artistic Director for Redken, Sorbie has handled many a "head" and decided a couple years ago that it was time to up the mannequin head game. She founded Kris Sorbie NYC with gorgeous mannequin heads as the main offering. "These heads were designed with the intention of being an inspiration to stylists, to encourage them to practice and to create new techniques," Sorbie says. "Their hair is superb quality Indian hair which lends itself to color, perm, design and hot tool styling, and the make-up, eyelashes and elongated neck just adds to their beauty and elegance."
Sorbie acknowledges that today social media is integral to growing a clientele. "These days, with the necessity of promoting our work on Social Media, the heads offer the perfect ‘model’ opportunity to showcase the type of work we want to do, whether the purpose is to gain clients, to educate or to grow a following. We need to invest in promoting ourselves to make more money." Sorbie points out that her mannequin heads "love everything we do to them!"
Sorbie just introduced two new "models" to the line.  The "glamabitch" and "supabitch" heads are "created for the stylist who recognizes esthetic as being an integral part of learning, encouraging stylists to work on the craft and play… as we all know, a beautiful face always lends itself to a beautiful end result." [$79 for "Supabitch" and $110 for "Glamabitch" and discounts on orders of 10 or more.]
See how Sorbie plays with her "heads" in this short video:

KSNYC Coney Island from Andi Reiss & Yellow Media Group on Vimeo.

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