Proper Prep Begins with Malibu C

Maggie Mulhern | April 10, 2019 | 9:57 AM
Hair: Georgia Reed and Amanda Harsche; photographer: Roberto Ligresti; makeup: David Maderich; fashion stylist: Rod Novoa; nails: Armani Je’ton
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STEP 1. To prep hair, shampoo with Malibu C Un-Do-Goo to remove minerals and product build up, and create a high pH. Rinse thoroughly.
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STEP 2. Remove surface minerals with a Malibu C Color Prepare packet. Apply scalp to ends and massage into hair. Process three to five minutes; rinse thoroughly.
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STEP 3. Apply Illumin8 conditioner from mids to ends and rinse. Keep scalp area unconditioned for better extension adhesion.
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STEP 4. Extensions are placed on the diagonal to prevent drag and to allow for an updo. Use a tail comb to take a fine section and elevate from the head.
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STEP 5. Attach extensions by alternating green, yellow, muted orange, blue and violet, each separated by a ¼-inch parting.
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STEP 6. Before styling, prep each section with a heat protectant spray.
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STEP 7. Micro crimp the one inch closest to the scalp throughout to create volume at the base.
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STEP 8. Take small sections, elevate slightly and twist as you wrap down a tapered wand.
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STEP 9. Drop the curl and allow to cool.
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STEP 10. On the next section create a rick rack on a metal duck-bill clip. Twist as you work down the section.
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STEP 11. Press with a flat iron. Allow to cool. Style as desired.
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Benjamin Franklin said, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” In the case of hair color, if you fail to prep, you could have unpredictable results.

Experienced colorists have learned that preparing the canvas properly will help achieve better, more predictable results.

MODERN turned to Malibu C educators Georgia Reed and Amanda Harsche to learn how they use the products in the Malibu C line to ensure the ideal result.

Reed, an artist at Stellar, in Sterling, Illinois, and Harsche, a stylist at Carson and Co. Salon in Denver, swear by the brand.

“Most salon pros acknowledge that proper prep results in the desired finish,” Reed says.

The artists’ kits included the prep materials as well as Malibu C Concentr8 Color Pigments—powders designed to deepen, enhance or mute color. These highly pigmented additives are formulated for supplemental use—allowing for color tweaking. Throughout this photo session, the pigments were added to traditional color and used on extensions to customize the various shades—dusty pastels that both artists believe are perfect for spring and summer.

“Malibu C pigments are quite intense,” Reed says. “For best results when blending, always put the dominate color in the bowl and then add drops of the opposing color until you reach your desired shade.”

When muting, she says, use the opposite of the color on the color wheel.

“This is a way to mute out your colors, without counteracting them completely,” she says.

Reed and Harsche combine proper prep and color tweaking to create a look that adds a fresh, colorful and texturized finish to their model’s hair.

“Extensions are a great way to give that noncommittal client something new and exciting,” Reed says.

Prior to coloring, the extensions must be cleansed. Reed recommends taking a bundle of five wefts and shampooing with Malibu C Un-Do-Goo. She then applies a Malibu C Blonde packet to remove residual mineral buildup that could prevent color from depositing properly.

Reed conditions the extensions from ½-inch below the tape to ends—do not put conditioner on or near the tape. She towel dries and lets them air dry to 80%, and finishes with a dryer on low heat.These single-sided, tape-ins are used to blend rather than just add streaks of solid color.

FORMULAS: Extensions shades are a mix of Pulp Riot direct dye and Malibu C Concentr8 pigments.

BLUE: Pulp Riot Powder base color with Pulp Riot Lava to mute and Malibu C Primary Blue pigment to deepen
YELLOW: Pulp Riot Lemon base color with Malibu C Primary Yellow pigment to enhance and Malibu C Primary Red to deepen
VIOLET: Pulp Riot Lilac base color with Pulp Riot Velvet to deepen and Malibu C Primary Yellow pigment to mute
GREEN: Pulp Riot Absinthe + Pulp Riot Seaglass for base color with Malibu C Primary Red pigment to mute
ORANGE: Pulp Riot Lava base color with Pulp Riot Powder to mute and Malibu C Primary Blue to deepen

Products & Tools
Shampoo and conditioner: Malibu C Pro Un-Do-Goo and Illumin8
Treatment: Malibu C Color Prepare
Color: Pulp Riot; and Malibu C Concentr8 Color Pigments
Brushes: Olivia Garden
Shears: Hattori Hanzo
Stylers: Aquage Working Spray; and Kenra Dry Volume Burst
Flat iron: ghd
Wand: Paul Mitchell
Extensions: Donna Bella Tape-In Human Remi hair
Nail color: Essie
Fashions: H and M bra; Helmut Lang coat; Ralph Lauren belt; Michael Kors tan coat; Moschino necklace; Bebe dress; Oscar De La Renta sequin top; Ralph Lauren khaki jacket; and Top Shop body suit.

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