Luxury Lengths: Creating Length and Volume with Great Lengths Extensions

Maggie Mulhern | April 10, 2019 | 12:40 PM
Hair: Danielle Keasling, Nanci Lee for Great Lengths; hair assistant: Anthony Negron; photographer: Roberto Ligresti; makeup: David Maderich; fashion styling: Rod Novoa; nails: Meghan Williams for Essie
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EXTENSION PREP: Nanci Lee created several customized extensions for  this look using Matrix Color Sync Watercolors, equal parts Coral Peach and Quartz Pink, applied on top of Matrix Clear with a soft brushing technique.
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STEP 1. Prepare hair with Great Lengths Clean Remover shampoo. Dry hair and  section as shown.
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STEP 2. Begin in the back, working up the head to the sides. Using the end of a tail comb, take fine slices about 1/8-inch thick.
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STEP 3. Lift the section and place the back part of the GL Tape (sticky side up) under the section.
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STEP 4. Lay the natural hair over the GL Tape and press with the back of the tail comb. Apply another GL Tape on top to create a sandwich.
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STEP 5. Press to secure using the tail comb.
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STEP 6. Squeeze each GL Tape three to four times with the Great Lengths Connection Tool.
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STEP 7. Make sure to do an additional press on each side of the tape.
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STEP 8. Use smaller extensions in the temple area. Do not go too close to the hairline to allow client to have different style options. In low density areas, GL Tapes may be applied singly with a safety band on the underside of the attachment.
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“We are now using extensions to reshape the hair and build design.”—Danielle Keasling, Great Lengths executive artistic director
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Yes, extensions are perfect for length and volume, but the ambassadors at Great Lengths are regularly using them to create fresh designs and modern silhouettes.

“It’s all about luxury,” says Great Lengths Executive Artistic Director Danielle Keasling. “We are now using extensions to reshape the hair and build design.”

Great Lengths Senior Design Team Director Nanci Lee agrees, “The quality of Great Lengths extensions allows us to customize texture and color. They are simply beautiful.”

Keasling and Lee visited MODERN’s studio to show how they use a variety of lengths and colors to transform model Anastasia who had nice hair but was looking for a more interesting and versatile finish. Using 22-inch Great Lengths GL Tapes, the artists blended several colors including 59, 11 and 23, adding in a few pieces of 64 and 62.

“All are in the blonde family and we are blending warm and cool so that the mix is more natural,” Lee says.
When it comes to cutting, the artists use a variety of techniques for a more natural fall, incorporating slide cutting and point cutting, while customizing with elevation and tension.

“If you trim, cut and texturize while you are adding extensions,” Keasling says, “you will get a better idea how the hair is falling and prevent you from making the hair too dense.”

Products & Tools
Extensions: Great Length GL Tapes
Shampoo: Great Lengths Clean Remover shampoo
Color: Matrix Color Sync Watercolors
Styling products: Biolage Complete Control
Iron: Sam Villa Textur Iron Crimping Iron
Razor: Feather
Shears: Hikari
Fashion: Top Shop print dress, sheer top and black dress with oranges; Paul Smith flower pants and top; Dior blouse and flower dress; and Reminiscence NYC necklace

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