No-Filter Secrets To Silver Blonde Color

April 19, 2019 | 8:00 AM
Ashley Feht, @ashleyfehthair created this silver and pearl color. She used LAKMÉ k.blonde Silver toner to produce the smoky tones.
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To create a beautiful, cool blend on a client who is 70 percent grey, Sarah McDermott, @sarahdoeshairah alternated highlights created with LAKMÉ K.Blonde Lightener + 10-volume developer with chestnut lowlights using LAKMÉ Collage 7/61. She shampooed with LAKMÉ Teknia Ultra Clair Shampoo and toned with 1/3 LAKMÉ k.blonde Silver toner and 2/3 Clear + 6-volume developer.
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This collage by Chelsea Zimmerman, @cwrayz5, shows a progression over four salon visits. Chelsea’s final toning formula was 30 ml LAKMÉ Collage Mix Tones in Silver + 10 ml k.blonde Silver toner + 3 ml LAKMÉ Gloss Color Rinse 10/17 + 2 ml LAKMÉ Collage 10/20 + 20 ml LAKMÉ Collage 0/00. Apply to roots, process 20 minutes and pull through for an additional 7 minutes.
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Midway through this client’s transition to silvery blonde hair, Maria Rivera, @mariathehairpainter balayged the hair with LAKMÉ Clay Lightener + 3- volume developer (20-volume on compromised ends) and toned with LAKMÉ k.blonde Pearl Toner.
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“The new LAKMÉ k.blonde Silver and Pearl toners are my favorites,” says Chelsea. “They’re conditioning because they contain linoleic acid, jojoba oil and omega 6. The hair looks amazing and feels so soft after every service.”
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Pearl and silver-toned blondes are trending, but how often does your client come in with an Instagram photo requesting a cool hue that makes you go, “Hmmmm. That’s a filter.” It happens more and more says LAKMÉ Educator Sarah McDermott. “It could be a filter, it could be the lighting, it could be the camera,” she explains. “All of those can change the tone.” So what do you do when the inspiration photo isn’t real? “You have to make them aware,” says LAKMÉ Educator Chelsea Zimmerman. “Explain what that color really looks like and then be very clear about the process of achieving that tone on your client’s hair. Clients have to know what’s actually possible and what to expect.”

But have no fear--beautiful silver and pearl tones can be done without filters!
Here are tips from four top LAKMÉ USA educators for achieving clear, cool blondes.

Maria Rivera, @mariathehairpainter, Creator Of Three Point Balayage System™

  • If the hair doesn’t lift past orange in an hour, it won’t. So be honest with your client—this is as far as we’re going to get today. At that point, neutralize the hair with LAKMÉ k.blonde Silver Toner and send them home a nice, neutral Level 7 caramel for the first round. When you achieve Level 10 on subsequent visits, tone with LAKMÉ k.blonde Pearl.
  • I like to refresh these shades between balayage applications. I’ll mix the Pearl toner with Clear to brighten the color and add shine.

 Sarah Mcdermott, @sarahdoeshairah

  • If someone wants an icy tone, always clarify the hair first. That way the bleach doesn’t have to eat through dirt and hairspray and oil. I love LAKMÉ Teknia Extreme Cleanse Shampoo. It helps you bypass the yellow, brassy tones on your way to the pale hair you need.
  • I love the LAKMÉ k.blonde Pearl and Silver toners. The Pearl really cancels yellow without darkening the hair. It neutralizes yellow and you get a pretty, pearly, cool blonde. If they want a silvery result, I’ll mix the Pearl and Silver. These toners work quickly so I often cut them with Clear to buy more time. But I always watch them while they’re processing.

 Chelsea Zimmerman, @cwrayz5

  • Purple shampoos and treatments are a must to keep these shades as cool as possible between services. I love LAKMÉ Teknia Ultra Clair Shampoo for eliminating yellow tones.
  • It’s unrealistic to think you can get a good result with hair that is over-processed or treated with box color or if the client isn’t committed to maintaining her color.

 Ashley Feht, @ashleyfehthair

  • Trust the process! For example, if some areas of the hair lift to Level 9 or higher, and others only lift to 6 or 7, go ahead and neutralize with a very cool toner and the cool pieces will make the warm levels look even warmer. It’s all about balance.
  • I treat my relationships with clients like dates. The first date is full of questions and we’re feeling each other out. If there’s a second date, we’ve trusted each other to meet again and hopefully there’s give and take for an enjoyable experience. By the third date, we’re either in love or we need to see other people!

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