Michael Dueñas Has Put Aside All His Styling Products For This One. Here’s Why.

April 24, 2019 | 1:31 PM
Celebrity and session artist Michael Dueñas calls Bombshell “an entirely new and different styler”—part hair spray, part dry shampoo, part heat protectant, part volumizer. “It’s all you need,” he proclaims. “One and done!”
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Bombshell contains unique ingredients like quartz dust to balance texture and shine and plumping tapioca starch.  Michael uses it on wet and dry hair for every style from lived-in waves to braids to bombshell blowouts.
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To create a Bardot blowout like this, Michael recommends applying Bombshell section by section to wet hair and combing it through. Then start at the nape with a medium round brush and work in horizontal sections, wrapping the hair around the brush and twisting it before releasing. (Continued.)
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At the parietal, switch to a large round brush and complete the head. Once the hair is cool, flip the head over, apply more Bombshell and rake through with fingers. Finally, hit the roots with a bit more Bombshell and backcomb with fingers. Bam! Bombshell volume that stands alone or supports another style!
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As a top celebrity and session stylist, Michael Dueñas has access to hundreds of different styling and finishing products. But right now, he’s centering all his affection on just one. He calls the new Bombshell Volume, Grip and Hold Spray from Aloxxi  his “one and done.” Here are his reasons why.

See Michael’s Bombshell Blowout video that’s blowing up on Facebook.

“There’s nothing else like it,” he declares. “Imagine a hairspray and a dry shampoo in one. Then imagine it provides completely touchable hold. It’s brush-able and re-moldable. The hair never, ever feels sticky; no matter how many times you re-apply, the hair stays soft. There’s no flaking or residue. It produces intense volume. You get the grip you need for any style, but it also preserves shine. It’s safe for colored hair. I use it on wet hair for volume and on dry hair for hold and grip. On fine hair, it produces massive volume. It helps control frizz and volume on thick hair. If I need a controlled braid without frizz, I’ll put it on wet hair. If I want a textured braid, I’ll spray individual sections, braid the hair and pull it apart. It does everything. It even protects hair from heat up to 450 degrees. Every hairdresser I share this with loves it—no exceptions.”

Because Bombshell is so unique, Michael offers up a few tips:

  • Hold the can six to eight inches from the hair.
  • Section the hair, spray each section and brush through to distribute the product.
  • For mega volume, over-direct each section before spraying with Bombshell
  • Spray each section before curling or blow drying.
  • Use it when creating ponytails. Unlike mousses or gels, you won’t see comb marks.
  • After blow drying or curling the hair, flip the hair upside down and spray with Bombshell for more volume.
  • Once you apply Bombshell to dry hair, work it in with your hands to feel where you might need more product or need to break up too much product with your fingers.

“I’ve already used Bombshell on more than 100 people,” says Michael, “and I’m still in love with it for every style I do, start to finish.”

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