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Small Tweaks Make Big Impact: Addressing Splotchy Highlights and Tone

Anne Moratto | April 29, 2019 | 2:04 PM
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Jamie Pressman, (@hairmeroar), is a stylist in North Haven, CT.  Her feed features beautiful work, often accompanied by a “how-to” and an explanation of her process.  In this post, she even took time to circle and point-out the areas she had to correct to transform these minor goofs into major glam.

“Breaking down the game plan; this sweet client came to me yesterday with some brassy, uneven balayage," Jamie says. "There were three issues we were addressing during this first session together.”

 First step: “She had some greys to cover so I went in with 5N and 5NW Redken Shades EQ on her regrowth.

Second step: “Next we had to address placement of the highlights. They were also very splotchy. I went in with Scruples Clay and 40 volume, surface painting over the highlights while bringing them up higher.

Final step: “Lastly, we addressed tone. I glazed with 9V, 9P and a pinch of 9B shades to cool down unwanted brass.”

But Jamie is quick to point out that a lot of the work (“the major lightening”) was done before she came into see her.  “This was not a huge corrective color by any means.  This was an example of small tweaks making a big impact.”

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