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Balayage and Instagram - Important Takeaways

Maggie Mulhern | May 13, 2019 | 12:48 PM
Moyo Ijoma (@Moyo_Ijoma)
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Jade Ayerbe (
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Daisy Vargas (@daisyvargas5)
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Mei Yip (@meiyip)
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Payal Patel (@hairbypayal)
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Chandi Mansingh (@chandiMansingh)
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Katie Short (@peachykeenhair)
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Maribel Gomez (@hairbymari_gomez)
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Toni Rachelle Bush (@looksby_tonirachelle)
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Ciara Lopez (@beautybyciara)
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The SalonCentric Education Loft in St. Petersburg, Florida, has become the place to go to learn the latest in cut, color, design and business. The “Elevated Education” program, just launched earlier this year, is designed for in-depth facilitation from high tier artists and influencers.

MODERN was there to help host one of the programs, the “Balayage and Social Media Bootcamp”, a class designed to up attendees' skills on advanced balayage, and then using the images from the class to get more recognition and new clients. 

During a break in the class, MODERN met with each attendee to find out her favorite takeaway in both social media, specifically Instagram, and balayage.

Here they share:

Ciara Lopez (@beautybyciara), Fresh Salon and Spa, Sarasota:

Instagram: "I learned that you need to comment with at least five words for it to count as engagement."

Balayage: "I learned how to use demi in between the points to add additional depth and/or hide old foil lines."

Katie Short (@peachykeenhair), Fresh Salon and Spa, Sarasota:

Instagram: "Post regularly, ideally once a day."

Balayage: “Less is more when it comes to balayage. I don’t have to highlight every piece. Learn to leave some out to allow for a seamless placement and added dimension.” 

Maribel Gomez (@hairbymari_gomez), Devine Designs Salon and Spa, Brandon, Florida:

Instagram:  “I didn’t realize how important IG Stories are and how they will help you get more followers.”

Balayage: “It was great to learn how to use balayage for the bulk of the hair and foils in the front for a better pop in the face frame.”

Toni Rachelle Bush (@looksby_tonirachelle), Looks By Toni Rachelle, Sarasota:

Instagram: "For me, it's all new. I learned the importance of actually being on Instagram."

Balayage:  "It's important to customize for each client and mix up the pattern of the 'points' of balayage placement." 

Moyo Ijoma (@Moyo_Ijoma), Devine Designs Salon and Spa, Brandon, Florida: 

Instagram: "Make sure to mix up hashtags and add some specific for each post. Also, use the background to brand yourself."

Balayage: "Practice so that you can apply balayage more quickly and efficiently. This way you can do more clients each day."

Jade Ayerbe (, Looks By Toni Rachelle, Sarasota, Florida:

Instagram: "Make sure to tag your own name!"

Balayage: "Section the hair in the beginning so that you can see the end result before you even start."

Mei Yip (@meiyip), Devine Design Salon and Spa, Brandon, Florida:

Instagram: "Direct or natural lighting is best - never light from back or side."

Balayage: "Switch to babylights at the root for a more natural look."

Payal Patel (@hairbypayal) ,Divine Designs Salon and Spa, Brandon, Florida:

Instagram: "Pay attention to how frequently a hashtag has been used. If too often, your post will get lost."

Balayage: "Practice, practice and practice to get your balayage application down to 20 minutes for double booking." [The "20 Minute Balayage" application was taught in the class.]

Chandi Mansingh (@chandiMansingh), Devine Designs Salon and Spa, Brandon, Florida:

Instagram: "Make sure to geotag your city and various locations in the city for more exposure."

Balayage: "I loved learning about the new products, especially  the Freehand Balayage Lightener. The viscosity was great and lifted just enough for the perfect blend."

Daisy Vargas (@daisyvargas5), Devine Designs Salon and Spa, Brandon, Florida:

Instagram: "I learned how important it is to comment and interact with my audience or to anyone that takes the time to comment on my post."

Balayage: "It's important to place the points of color close to the root before dragging down the lengths of the hair. It offers more control."  

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